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v 0.8.1
- Improve error reporting when interacting with PivotalTracker
- Add SSL project support [bunnymatic (Mr Rogers)]
- Improve method of collecting story ID from branch name
v 0.8.0
- Drop home-rolled PivotalTracker API for pivotal-tracker gem
- Add Gemfile for easier development
- Add better test suite with Cucumber and Aruba
- Add option for appending the branch name (rather than prepending) [Addy
- Add new `git info` command [Addy Naik]
v 0.2.3
- Allow the developer to specify the integration branch for git finish [Graeme Mathieson]
- Fixed bug which prevented chores from finishing successfully [Joshua Vial]
- Added option to allow only pickup items already assigned to you [Mark Butcher]
- Fix RestClient version issues
v 0.2.2
- Added git chore command
v 0.2.1
- Remove &:to_s shortcut for MRI 1.8.6 compatibility
- Updated to handle RestClient 1.4
v 0.2.0
- Added git feature and git bug commands
- Deprecated git feature
- Improved XPath reliability for Pivotal API requests [Sam Stokes]
v 0.1.3
- Fixed bug preventing command line args from being properly interpretted
v 0.1.2
- Fixed bug introduced in v 0.1.1 which prevented git pick from completing
v 0.1.1
- Updated git pick to tell Pivotal who owns the picked feature
- Improved Pivotal Tracker framework write ability
v 0.1.0
- Initial release
- Basic framework for reading from Pivotal Tracker
- git pick utility
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