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Ionic web & mobile app to help train your Japanese kanji recognition
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Kanji Guesser

by @tryforceful

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Kanji Guesser is an Ionic React web & mobile app aimed at improving your Japanese reading skills.

Try the live web version now!

This app is under active development as of February 2020.


About This App

This app is a Japanese language learning tool designed to improve your kanji recognition skills and help you discern between similar-looking kanji. Kanji (漢字) are Japanese symbols that were borrowed from the Chinese writing system. There are thousands of different kanji, many of which are visually similar and hard to distinguish or recall for the non-native learner. This app aids you in distinguishing kanji by prompting you to choose the correct kanji for Japanese vocabulary words you already know.

In the Kanji Quiz, words will be shown to you on a series of flashcards with a kanji character missing from each word. You must choose the correct kanji from the available choices. You can configure the number of kanji choices presented to you in order to adjust the quiz difficulty. A reading gloss is provided to you as a hint either in kana (Japanese characters, かな) or romaji (English letters).


Build Steps

This app is built in React with Ionic 4 + Capacitor.

  1. Clone this repo
  2. yarn install
  3. yarn serve to run locally
  4. yarn build to create a production web build
  5. Steps for native app builds forthcoming


Data from this app is partially sourced from @larsyencken's great work on kanji similarity.

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