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Ghost Docs

This is the repository for Ghost's official documentation, located at You'll probably just want to head over there and read them directly on the web.

👻 Using Ghost

If you're looking for some quick links to get you started, try these:

🚑 Getting Support

If you're stuck on something and need a helping hand, you'll find a large community of thousands of Ghost users over on the official Ghost forum. Search to see if someone has gotten stuck on the same thing before! If not, feel free to start a new topic 🤗

🛠 Contributing

If you're interested in contributing to our docs either with content or code, we can always use the help! All of this is open source so that anyone can get involved if they have fixes or improvements to add.

Read the contributing guide 👉

Code of Conduct

Ghost is dedicated to building constructive, diverse and safe community. We expect everyone participating the Ghost community to read and follow our code of conduct. We have absolutely zero tolerance for poisonous behaviour of any kind.

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2018 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license.