Ghost's admin client
kevinansfield Fixed `koenigDragDropHandler._resetDrag` throwing errors
no issue
- guard around `_elementsWithHoverRemoved` is necessary because it won't always be set
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This is the home of Ember.js based admin client that ships with Ghost.

Do you want to set up a Ghost blog? Check the getting started guide

Do you want to modify or contribute to Ghost-Admin? Please read the working with Ghost-Admin section of our contributing guide for setup details and swing by our forum if you need any help 😄

Have a bug or issue?

Bugs and issues (even if they only affect the admin client) should be opened on the core Ghost repository.

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2018 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license. Ghost and the Ghost Logo are trademarks of Ghost Foundation Ltd. Please see our trademark policy for info on acceptable usage.