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Translate on Weblate

The official Ghost Android application. Get it here on the Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play


  • Simple, intuitive interface based on Material Design principles (along with some tasteful animations!)
  • Markdown editing with preview - swipe to switch between editing and previewing
  • 100% Markdown compatibility with Ghost - go ahead and use footnotes and code blocks like you're used to
  • Works with Ghost Pro ( as well as self-hosted blogs
  • Offline mode: Ghost Android is designed to work 100% offline: just sync when you're connected later! Ideal for writing on the go
  • Attach tags and a cover image - upload images from your phone or a web link
  • Conflict handling - a simple UI to help decide what to do next when a post is edited from two places at once

Bug reports? Feature requests?

File an issue

Help translate Ghost Android

If you'd like to see support for your language in Ghost Android, you can easily contribute translations on Weblate. This requires no setup and no knowledge of Android development, just keep in mind a few simple rules:

  • Many strings have placeholders like "%s", "%d", "%2$s", etc. - keep these intact because other numbers and strings are inserted into these placeholders
  • Single and double quotes need to be preceded with a backslash character (\' and \" respectively)
  • For short strings, try to keep the translated string length close to the English one, because longer strings may not fit in the UI

If you need help getting started, drop a comment on this issue.

Developer setup

Setup is as simple as importing the project into Android Studio and building (assuming you have the correct build tools and Android SDK).

If you face any issues setting this up, please let me know by filing a new issue.


Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2023 Vicky Chijwani & Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license. Ghost and the Ghost Logo are trademarks of Ghost Foundation Ltd. Please see our trademark policy for info on acceptable usage.