A GUI for the command line interface to Saleae's Logic logic analyzer
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Infero is a graphical user interface for Logic Analyzers.

It currently only support saleae-logic-libusb 1 as the underlying
Logic Analyzer. Support for other logic analyzers will have to be
added by others.


Infero uses:

  • Guice as its dependency injection engine
  • Maven 2 to build
  • Git and GitHub to manage the sources
  • Abeille2 to mash up the GUI
  • JGoodies’ form library to do the layout

Developing the Forms

Infero uses Abeille which is a GUI to create forms. It should be downloaded
for you when you run ./install-deps.sh, so to run the designer just run:

.pre java -jar abeilleforms/designer.jar &

How to Build

First, make sure you thave the required dependencies installed.
Maven will let you know if you don’t.

To build Infero simply type

mvn clean install

from the git checkout.

If something should be wrong with the tests, add -Dmaven.test.skip
and the build will succeed even if some of the tests fail.

Infero depends on an unreleased version of the “GUTS – Guice Utilities
& Tools Set” (GUTS) library. Currently they don’t have a useful
Maven repository that can be used to download snapshots so you’ll
have to build it yourself.

Installing Missing Dependencies

To install some of the dependencies, simply run ./install-deps.sh.
A sane unix environment is assumed. If not, open the script and run
the equalient commands for your environment.

Building GUTS

svn co https://svn.kenai.com/svn/guts~guts-events/trunk guts~guts-events
cd guts~guts-events
mvn -r clean install -Dmaven.test.skip

On some platforms you may get an exception about a compilation error on line
174 of guts-gui/src/main/java/net/guts/gui/resource/MnemonicInfo.java. Remove
the line and run Maven again.

How to Run From Source

There are currently no installer or packages to install to run
infero, but it can be run from the source tree like this:

mvn -f infero-gui/pom.xml install exec:java -Dmaven.test.skip -Dexec.mainClass=infero.gui.InferoGui

If you really just want to run it remove the install argument.

It is also possible to run infero.gui.InferoGui directly from an IDE.


  1. http://github.com/keesj/saleae-logic-libusb
  2. https://abeille.dev.java.net/