Avoid Selectors Hell - is extremely tiny jquery plugin to simplify work with columns in tables
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ASH Native script && jQuery Plugin

Avoid Selectors Hell - is an extremely tiny tool to simplify work with columns in tables

jQuery demo: http://tryshchenko.com/samples/ash/ Native js demo: http://tryshchenko.com/samples/ash-native/

How to use jQuery version

You can use a pretty syntax for your operations:


Also you can pass arguments to 'hideColumn', 'toggleColumns', or 'showColumn' functions. You can use 'slow', 'fast', 400 or any other values available for 'hide', 'toggle' and 'show' methods.

    $('table').hideColumn(1, 'fast');
    $('table').showColumn(1, 400);
    $('table').toggleColumn(3, 'fast');

All these expressions is correct.

Library also provides a simple helper to select column:

    $('table').getColumn(2); //it's is a jQuery object.
    //For example: 
    $('table').getColumn(2).css('color', 'red');

How to use a native version

Basicaly script provides the similar API:


As you can understand - difference is in table selection process: in this case ASH handles selectors instead of jQuery.


Library also provides a simple helper to select column. In case of native library you should use native modifiers:

    var cells = ash.get('.table').getColumn(3); //it's is a js DOM object.
    //For example: 
	for (var i = 0; i < cells.length; i++) {
		cells[i].style.color = 'green';

It's a tiny helpers useful for me, and I'll be happy if it will help you.