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Rails plugin to generate SQL files from migrations

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Migration SQL Generator

This is a Rails plugin to generate SQL from migrations.

It achieves this by monkey patching the definitions of ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute and other related methods.

It has only been tested with the sqlserver and mysql adapters (see limitations). If you test it with another adapter and it works, please let me know!


rails plugin install git://


rake db:generate:migration_sql

Known limits

  • May fail on migrations that perform CRUD via ActiveRecord methods

  • With the mysql and oracle adapter, fails on change_column, rename_column

  • Fails on redhillonrails_core plugin with the mysql adapter


  • Muness Alrubaie, Relevance Inc.

Shout out to Jay Fields for the original code this plugin grew out of:


Copyright Relevance, Inc. 2009

You may use, copy and redistribute this library under the MIT license.

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