Veeam RestfulAPI & Alexa demo
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Veeam RESTful API & Amazon Alexa


  • This project is a private one and not supported by Veeam
  • I don't have any programming skills. Everthing was put together using copy & paste and trial and error.
  • This is just a demo, but it can easily be extended with more features.


I like Alexa and since I am working at Veeam I thought why not use our RESTful API to use with Alexa :)

This is only a demo how to consume the Veeam RESTful API with Amazon Alexa.


Demo on Youtube


2017-11-29 23_42_25-powerpoint-bildschirmprasentation - grafiken pptx

Local Setup

  1. Download ngrok
  2. Launch ngrok on a machine that has access to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Port 9398
    ngrok http 5000

This will expose localhost:5000 to the public internet. 3. Download and install latest version of Python 3.x 4. Use pip to install required python modules:

pip install requests flask flask_ask unidecode
  1. Download and veeam-alexa.config to the machine that runs ngrok
  2. Edit veeam-alexa.config with your Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager details:
    server = "enterprisemanager.dns"
    port = 9398
    verifyssl = False
    admin = "hostname\\Administrator"
    password = "verysecurepassword"
  3. Start the Python flask app

AWS Alexa Setup

  1. Goto and sign in / create a new developer account 2017-11-26 02_37_06-amazon developer sign in

  2. Select Alexa Skills Kit and hit Get started 2017-11-26 02_37_56-amazon apps services developer portal

  3. Hit Add a New Skill 2017-11-26 02_38_14-amazon apps services developer portal

  4. Skill information: Skill Type: Custom Interaction Model

    • Language: English (U.S.)
    • Name: choose a name
    • Invocation Name: veam (write it this way if you want to call the skill using "Veeam"; you can select any other invocation name of course)
    • Hit Save and then Next 2017-11-26 02_39_05-amazon apps services developer portal
  5. Interaction model: Launch Skill Builder

    • Intent Schema - open the Code Editor on the left
    • Use veeam-intent-schema-ENGL.json
    • Save & Build Model 2017-11-26 02_42_23-alexa skills kit _ skill builder beta2
  6. Go to Configuration (top right menue button)

    • Service Endpoint Type: HTTPS
    • Default: use the ngrok https address (step 2 in Local Setup; example:
    • Provide geographical region endpoints?: No
    • Account Linking: No
    • Permissions: leave as is (default)
    • Hit Next 2017-11-26 02_42_23-alexa skills kit _ skill builder beta3 2017-11-26 02_44_49-amazon apps services developer portal
  7. SSL Certificate

    • Select second option: " My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority"
    • Hit Next 2017-11-26 02_45_20-amazon apps services developer portal
  8. Test - Enter Utterances:

    • Give me an overview
    • How many jobs there are
    • Did my jobs run
    • How much free space is left
    • Give me an overview about my repositories
    • How many jobs are running right now
    • How large was last night's backup 2017-11-26 02_57_05-amazon apps services developer portal

Use the skill with Alexa

  1. Use your browser to navigate to & login
  2. Go to Skills (left menue)
  3. Go to "Your Skills" (top right)
  4. You should see your veeam-alexa-demo skill
  5. Try it out!

Note: Your Echo device needs to be setup in English language ( settings of the echo device)

This is how it looks like in the Alexa app:



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