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Builder for Android derived from offical Gradle image
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Android Gradle Builder

This is a base Docker images for building Android projects.

Android projects are built using Gradle in the core of the build system. Additional functionality is provided through Android Gradle Plugin (AGP). As AGP has minimal requirements from underlying platform, images in this repo provide convenient shortcuts.

For example, AGP-3.4.0 require the use of Gradle 5.1.1+ and Android Build Tools 28.0.3+. To find the image that you need, refer to Find-Your-Image table below. As an alternative, this repository provides Configurable Dockerfile, that you can use with build-args.

Images from this repo can be found on the Docker Hub.

Find-Your-Image Table

Image (AGP) API Build Tools Gradle Tags
3.0 26 26.0.2 4.1 26
3.1 27 27.0.3 4.4 27
3.2 28 28.0.3 4.6
3.3 28 28.0.3 4.10
3.4 28 28.0.3 5.1 28, latest
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