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A JavaScript Implementation of GeoScript
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GeoScript in JavaScript

Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Tim Schaub

Released under the MIT license. Please see the license.txt for full detail.

Download and Installation

The latest release of GeoScript JS can be found on the downloads page. To install, extract the zip archive somewhere onto your filesystem. In the bin folder you'll find a geoscript executable. Adding this bin folder to your path makes for easy launching of GeoScript from anywhere.

Running GeoScript JS

Change into the directory where you extracted the GeoScript JS download. From there, you can launch the GeoScript JS shell.


Once running the shell, you can pull in GeoScript modules with require.

js> var geom = require("geoscript/geom")
js> var p = new geom.Point([1, 2])
js> p.buffer(10)
<Polygon [[[11, 2], [10.807852804032304, 0.04909677983871763], [10.23...>

When you're done in the shell, exit with quit().

js> quit()

To run a script that uses the GeoScript JS modules, include the path to your script.

./bin/geoscript yourscript.js

Learning GeoScript JS

See the GeoScript JS website for details on getting started using GeoScript JS.

Getting set up for development

If you'd like to contribute to GeoScript JS development, clone the repository and then use Maven to pull in dependencies and run tests.

git clone git://
cd geoscript-js
mvn install

After pulling down the dependencies, you can launch the shell and use GeoScript JS modules as described above - with one exception: use the geoscript-dev script in the bin directory.

Generating a release

Update version numbers in the main pom.xml file. Generate an archive with all dependencies included:

mvn assembly:single

For applications that already have the GeoTools dependency, an archive is published in that contains only the JavaScript modules:

mvn deploy

Current Status

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