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Added description for function force_download_large

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1 parent 8266b66 commit 5ac7215597068223f483844fd14707007c9de36b @tschechniker committed Apr 12, 2012
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12 user_guide_src/source/helpers/download_helper.rst
@@ -40,3 +40,15 @@ read the file into a string
$name = 'myphoto.jpg';
force_download($name, $data);
+Generates server headers and reads the file in chunks which force data to be downloaded
+to your desktop. Useful with large file downloads. The first parameter is the **filepath where
+the file is on your local filesystem. It returns true if the download was successful.
+ $filepath = "/var/www/test.iso";
+ force_download_large($filepath);

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