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A small Haskell / Objective-C Interface Test Implementation
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A Cocoa Test Application with Haskell

This project contains a test Cocoa application to demonstrate the usage of the OBJC Haskell typeclass.

A typical OBJC Haskell/Cocoa application would consist of:

  • A GUI build with the "Interface Builder".

  • A small Objective-C proxy controller: This is mainly for exporting the IBOutlets to the Haskell controller and setting up the Haskell controller.

  • A Haskell controller: This will be stateless and is basically a classical MVC controller.

  • A Haskell model.

The OBJC typeclass

The typeclass deals with the conversion of Objective-C objects from/to Haskell values. For example there is an easy way to convert a NSArray to a Haskell list and vice versa.

Further reading

For more information please follow the links to my blog posts:

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