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import os
os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'facebook_example.settings'
from facebook_example import settings
from django.conf import settings
from open_facebook.api import *
import unittest
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger()
class TestOpenFacebook(unittest.TestCase):
def test_thijs_profile(self):
token = FacebookAuthorization.get_app_access_token()
test_user = FacebookAuthorization.get_or_create_test_user(token)
test_user = FacebookAuthorization.create_test_user(token)
print test_user
message = "Hi! I'm on Fashiolista, a worldwide community for fashion inspiration. Click to see my style profile and discover great new shops and fashion items!"
image_urls = [
token = None
access_token = '215464901804004|fc589819a12431167c3bd571.0-100002862180253|by58p1KHqf_XiqA4ux390XBGBIo'
link = ''
#fill in a real token for this to work
#{u'access_token': u'215464901804004|fc589819a12431167c3bd571.0-100002862180253|by58p1KHqf_XiqA4ux390XBGBIo', u'password': u'1439799010', u'login_url': u'', u'id': u'100002862180253', u'email': u''}
fb = OpenFacebook(access_token)
print fb.get('me/accounts')
permissions = [p for p, v in fb.get('me/permissions')['data'][0].items() if v]
print permissions
print fb.fql("SELECT uid, name, sex FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me())")
actions = [dict(name='Follow', link='')]
#print fb.get('thijsgoos', metadata='1')['metadata']
types = ['link', 'photo']
for type in types:
for image_url in image_urls:
post = fb.set('me/feed', picture=image_url, actions=actions, type=type, message=type)
#print fb.set('696010430_10150752137065431/likes')
def test_app_access_token(self):
token = FacebookAuthorization.get_app_access_token()
test_user = FacebookAuthorization.create_test_user(token)
assert 'access_token' in test_user, 'App authentication failed %s' % test_user
def test_cookie_parsing(self):
parsed_cookie = FacebookAuthorization.parse_signed_data(cookie)
assert 'code' in parsed_cookie
def test_code_conversion(self):
#before testing update this with a valid code, hope facebook comes with a way to automate this
code = 'AQDByzD95HCaQLIY3PyQFvCJ67bkYx5f692TylEXARQ0p6_XK0mXGRVBU3G759qOIa_A966Wmm-kxxw1GbXkXQiJj0A3b_XNFewFhT8GSro4i9F8b_7q1RSnKzfq327XYno-Qw4NGxm0ordSl0gJ0YTjhwY8TwSMy2b2whD5ZhHvaYkEaC1J-GcBhkF7o4F2-W8'
#the redirect uri needs to be connected
user_token = FacebookAuthorization.convert_code(code, redirect_uri='')
facebook = OpenFacebook(user_token['access_token'])
mine =
def test_fql(self):
token = self.get_access_token()
facebook = OpenFacebook(token)
result = facebook.fql('SELECT name FROM user WHERE uid = me()')
assert 'name' in result[0]
def get_access_token(self):
token = FacebookAuthorization.get_app_access_token()
test_user = FacebookAuthorization.create_test_user(token)
print test_user['login_url']
return test_user['access_token']
def test_open_api(self):
token = self.get_access_token()
facebook = OpenFacebook(token)
assert 'name' in
assert facebook.get('fashiolista')
def test_album_upload(self):
token = self.get_access_token()
facebook = OpenFacebook(token)
photo_urls = [
#feed method
for photo in photo_urls:
uploaded = facebook.set('me/feed', message='Fashiolista is awesome - part one', picture=photo)
#app album method
#gives an unknown error for some reason
# for photo in photo_urls:
# uploaded = facebook.set('me/photos', url=photo, message='Fashiolista 2 is awesome - part two', name='FashiolistaTest2')
albums = facebook.get('me/albums')
album_names = [album['name'] for album in albums['data']]
album_name = 'FashiolistaSuperAlbum'
album_response = facebook.set('me/albums', params=dict(name=album_name, message='Your latest fashion finds'))
albums = facebook.get('me/albums')
album_names = [album['name'] for album in albums['data']]
assert album_name in album_names
album_id = album_response['id']
for photo in photo_urls:
photo_uploaded = facebook.set('%s/photos' % album_id, url=photo, message='the writing is one the wall tw', name='FashiolistaTestt')
if __name__ == '__main__':
import logging
handler = logging.StreamHandler()
logger = logging.getLogger('')
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