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Python implementation of the client to - the leading online contact importing solution
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Allows users of django and python to access the open inviter system. is a widely used contact importer. It allows you to import your contacts from a wide scala of email services and social networks.


thierryschellenbach at

Attempts to port the undocumented open inviter API to python :)

Understanding the PHP API

There are tons of files, but plugins/_hosted.plg.php overwrites almost everything.

Hosted API

  • Post XML to

  • <import>
      <service>{{ service }}</service>
  • Authentication by private key, used to sign the XML with an md5 hash.

  • Supported services are requested and cached every now and then.


  • Can't get hosted services lookup to work (services() function)
  • Contacts and services for a function name is ugly... import_contacts might be better
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