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Maven usage


Step 1: Install Maven 3.0.3+

Download from here

Step 2: Ensure maven binaries are on your PATH (ie. you can run mvn from anywhere)

Follow the installation instructions from here.

Step 3: CD to the SwiftSuspenders root (where the POM.xml lives)

Step 4: Install the third party dependencies into your local repository

  • In OS X

      bash -x
  • In Windows


Note: we do this because unlike Ant, Maven requires all dependencies live within a repository somewhere. Because none of these dependencies are hosted externally on a remote repository, we need to install them locally into the repository. Going forward, the hope is that many of these dependencies will live in Maven Central, negating the need to install them locally. JM.

To build

In order to build SwiftSuspenders from source, run the following command in the root folder.

mvn clean install -s settings.xml

Alternative to supplying settings

If you would rather not supply -s settings.xml for every build, you can add the repository information from settings.xml into your local repository. Alternatively, you can simply copy the SwiftSuspenders settings.xml to ~/.m2/settings.xml where ~ is your user directory (\Users\username in Win7+)

Why do we need the settings file? While Flexmojos lives within Maven Central, its dependencies (such as the Flex compiler) and flash project dependencies (such as framework SDKs) do NOT. They live within the flexgroup branch off (sonatype)[].