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ESP8266 library for AX-12 dynamixel digital servos

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This library can control dynamixel AX-12 digital servos from tossen robotics with an ESP8266 microcontroller.

This library came originaly from arbotiX, and was modified in 2009 by Pablo Gindel to be used with arduino controllers.

AX-12 digital servos

AX-12 digital servos are controled via a half duplex asynchronous serial protocol at 1 Mbit/s. That made it hard to be used with 16 MHz arduino microcontrollers with HW UARTS without HW FIFO.

ESP8266 microcontroller

The ESP8266 microcontroller became available in 2015, costs less than 4 Euro and has WiFi with full TCP/IP stack integrated. It runs at 80 MHz and has a UART with HW buffer, what makes it ideal to control AX-12 digital servos. On top of all this, the ESP8266 was fully integrated into the arduino IDE in 2016. There are very good breakout boards named NodeMCU for less than 8 Euro. (Don't get confused by the pre-installed lua interpreter, it can just be overwritten.)

Extra HW

To connect AX-12 servos to an ESP8266 you need a bit of extra HW. This is needed for full duplex / half duplex convertion and for 5V / 3.3V level conversion.


Further usage help

I use this library in my robot project at where I have just switched from an arduino Mega to the ESP8266. More info will come soon.


ESP8266 library for AX-12 dynamixel digital servos






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