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== About ==

Name: Sandbot
Description: A multiplayer bot for Half-Life, Half-Life Opposing Force (Deathmatch and Capture the Flag), Day of Defeat (Territorial Control), Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection (Combat) and They Hunger (there is work in progress support for Team Fortress Classic, Natural Selection (Classic) and The Ship). It is based off HPB_Bot by botman (see HPB_Bot_ReadMe.txt).
Requirements: Steam versions of the supported games or mods.
Installation: Copy the files into your Steam/steamapps/common/Half-Life directory

Sandbot will work with Metamod for all games and mods (except for with Gunman Chronicles due to a bug in Metamod itself).
Sandbot should work with Metamod-P for all games and mods but has been found to freeze even without Sandbot on Ubuntu.

== Usage ==

addbot		Add a bot to the server
		In Day of Defeat you can addbot allies or addbot axis
		In Natural Selection you can addbot alien or addbot marine
bot_skill [1-5]	Set the bot skill level (1 is highest skill)
waypoint add	Add a waypoint
waypoint delete	Delete a waypoint
waypoint save	Write waypoints to file
waypoint info	Print what type of waypoint a waypoint is

== Build instructions ==


	sudo apt-get install gcc gcc-multilib g++-multilib
	cd dlls

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Q. Can you add support for mod x?
A. I'm not planning to at the moment - I'm planning support for Half-Life, Opposing Force, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection, The Ship and They Hunger which is likely going to take a while.

Q. Is the WON version supported?
A. No, Sandbot will only work with the Steam version.

Q. Can it be used for dedicated servers?
A. It should work but I don't test it.

Q. Can I make some waypoints?
A. Yes, please do!

Q. How do I run the tests?
A. powershell ./test.ps1

Q. Can you fix Sandbot not working on my distro?
A. Unless it's a fairly recent version of Ubuntu, probably not - it's enough work keeping it running on two platforms. Recompiling on your distro should hopefully sort it out - let someone know if it won't compile.

Q. I get an error on Linux: "LoadLibrary failed on ./ version `CXXABI_1.3.9' not found"
A. Steam and SteamCMD both come packaged with older version of libstdc++ - move this version out of the way so Sandbot can load the version you've installed with your distro's package manager.

== Changelog ==

v0.4.3 (??/??/??)
- [All] Fixed bot_skill 5 not working.
- [All] Fixed cvars not being read correctly in Metamod.
- [All] bot_skill and bot_count now get written to config.cfg
- [All] Added GetEntityAPI2 support.
- [All] Got rid of pathwaypoint on/off and replaced it with waypoint on/off.
- [Windows] Fixed possible memory leaks.
- [Windows] Updated compiler to Visual Studio 2019 (from Visual Studio 2017).
- [Linux] Updated gcc's minimum architecture to Intel Core 2.
- [Linux] Updated compiler to gcc 9.3.0 (from gcc 6.3.0).
- [Linux] Updated to compile with gcc 11.1.1 (thanks dannycolin@GitHub and mathieuf20@GitHub).
- [Opposing Force] Added waypoints for op4cp_park, op4ctf_blackmesa, op4ctf_omen and op4ctf_orange (thanks RoboCop).
- [Opposing Force] Bots can now use weapon_penguin.
- [Natural Selection] Increased range at which marines will use weapon_machinegun and weapon_heavymachinegun.

v0.4.2 (21/04/18)
- [All] Made bot_skill a cvar which dynamically changes a bot's skill.
- [All] Fixed bots attacking bots that had been kicked.
- [All] Bots will now be removed if the quota exceeds the bot_count cvar.
- [All] Enabled debug logging in release builds with bot_log_level cvar.
- [Windows] Sandbot no longer breaks level transitions in single player (thanks shardthefox200@ModDB).
- [Opposing Force] Made bots less likely to get distracted by enemies when they have the flag in CTF.
- [Natural Selection] Fixed crash in Classic mode when a gorge checked if it should build a resource tower.
- [Natural Selection] Fixed bots doing the opposite of what they should when approaching unbuilt resource towers in Classic mode.

v0.4.1.1 (26/12/17)
- [Linux] Fixed crash in waypoint loading (thanks RoboCop@Bots United and Nubzior@Bots United).
- [Linux] Fixed undefined symbols in some distros due to not being compiled with g++ (thanks RoboCop@Bots United and Nubzior@Bots United).

v0.4.1 (10/09/17)
- [All] Replaced botdonshoot console command with bot_shoot cvar (controls whether bots will shoot at real players).
- [Windows] Updated Windows compiler to Visual Studio 2017 (from Visual Studio 2008).
- [Linux] Updated Linux compiler to gcc 6.3.0 (from I'm not sure what - gcc 4.8.2? gcc 4.9.0?).
- [Linux] Added a bunch of extra gcc flags to better optimise the code (thanks RoboCop@Bots United).
- [Linux] Tidied up the Makefile.
- [Linux] Added debug symbol generation to Makefile.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots will now move at walk speed instead of sprinting everywhere.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots will now say when they're reloading.
- [Opposing Force] Added Opposing Force CTF support.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots will now say when they're reloading.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots are now slightly less accurate to compensate for the fact their vision isn't reduced in dark areas.

v0.4.0.1 (18/06/17)
- [All] Fixed single player not loading (thanks shardthefox200@ModDB)
- [Linux] Replaced included Metamod-P for Linux with Metamod for Linux as Metamod-P almost always freezes on Ubuntu.

v0.4 (05/03/17)
- [All] Increased number of allowed waypoints to 2048 (thanks 256 colors).
- [All] Added bot_count cvar to control how many bots spawn by default (mapname_bot.cfg has been removed).
- [All] Added Metamod support (thanks The Storm@Bots United).

v0.3.1 (26/01/17)
- [All] Bots no longer rejoin when the map changes.
- [Half-Life] Bots are now random colours.
- [Half-Life] Bots now automatically join a game.
- [Opposing Force] Bots are now random colours.
- [Opposing Force] Bots now automatically join a game.
- [Day of Defeat] Sandbot will now let you know if you're playing on a map with a flag model that is doesn't understand.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots now automatically join a game.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots now use new weapon selection again.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots now automatically join a game.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now consider all enemy structures as enemies.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots will now build structures in Classic.
- [They Hunger] Bots now automatically join a game.

v0.3.0.1 (10/01/17)
- [Natural Selection] Fixed liblist.gam not loading sandbot.dll

v0.3 (12/11/16)
- [All] Fixed kicking a bot causing the game to crash.
- [Opposing Force] Bots will look for random goals on maps with waypoints.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots will now capture points.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots will look for random goals on maps with waypoints.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now reload after they haven't seen an enemy in a while.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now attack the command chair and the built hive in Classic.
- [They Hunger] Bots will look for random goals on maps with waypoints.

v0.2.1 (10/08/16)
- [Day of Defeat] Bots now spawn as Allies and Axis (only the first four classes of each team) and attack each other.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots now use different gauss pistol modes.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots now know the gauss pistol is fully automatic.
- [Natural Selection] Alien bots no longer slow down when getting close to an enemy to attack.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now rejoin after a round has ended.
- [Natural Selection] Alien bots will now become all different lifeforms.
- [Natural Selection] Stopped bots randomly pausing from time to time.
- [Natural Selection] Combat bots now upgrade more abilities.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots will no longer upgrade when they have an enemy in combat mode.

v0.2 (18/06/16)
- [Natural Selection] Added better combat mode play.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Gauss pistol rate of fire slightly.
- Started using new bot framework (which brings Linux support with it).
- Added some documenation.

v0.1 (02/05/16)
- Initial release (after more than 5 years of being untouched and unreleased).

== End User License Agreement ==

The developer of this software is in no way responsible for anything that happens as a result of using this software.
This software is provided as-is and with no warranty of any kind, and no guarentees are made or implied.
Also you cannot now or ever take any legal action against the developer of this software for anything.
You do not have the right to re-use or modify any part of this modification.
You may not use the software if you do not agree to these terms.

== Thanks ==

Thanks to:
Valve, for the Half-Life SDK and the Valve ERC.
Todd Aspeotis, for teaching me C++.
Jeffrey 'botman' Broome for his bot code (without which Sandbot probably wouldn't exist) and other cool stuff.
Sam 'solokiller' VanHeer for his knowledge of the GoldSource engine.
Bascu for helping to resolve issues with libstdc++ on Linux.
Maleficus for setting a high standard of how good bots can be.
ModDB for being a good host.
Bots United for their support.

== Credits ==

Framework: botman
Metamod support: The Storm
Programming: tschumann


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