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Data Clinic @ Two Sigma

We bring Two Sigma’s people, data science skills, and technological know-how to help our partners to use data and tech more effectively.


  1. scout Public

    An tool to enable people to more easily explore open data provided by NYC

    Jupyter Notebook 12 6

  2. A tool to estimate how crowded your subway trip is likely to be.

    TypeScript 12 2

  3. mta Public

    A repository of data on accessibility on the MTA, and resources to make working with data from the MTA easier.

    Jupyter Notebook 14 3

  4. smooshr Public

    Tool to consolidate entries and columns from multiple datasets

    JavaScript 12 1

  5. A Data Clinic project that aggregates NYC Open Data at the tract-level and uses Machine Learning techniques to re-imagine neighborhood boundaries.

    HTML 35 7

  6. Energy burden and other related analysis during Covid-19 using open EIA data

    Jupyter Notebook 1



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