A HTML5 API docs generator plugin for Leiningen.
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The lein-html5-docs Leiningen Plugin

This Leiningen plugin generates HTML5 API docs for your Clojure project. It doesn't parse your code, but it loads it and builds the documentation out of the metadata instead.

Since version 3.0.0, it can also generate docsets for use with Dash and Zeal.


The installation is pretty easy, simply install lein-html5-docs as a leiningen plugin. Version 1.1.4 is the last one that supports Leiningen 1. Starting with 1.2.0, Leiningen version 2 is required. For leiningen 1, use lein plugin install lein-html5-docs 1.1.4, for leiningen 2 declare the plugin in your ~/.lein/profiles.clj.

{:user {:plugins [;; ...
                  [lein-html5-docs "3.0.1"]
                  ;; ...

Then leiningen will fetch it automatically from Clojars.

If you run lein now, there should be a html5-docs task.


In order to make lein-html5-docs docs work, there are a few entries you may want to add to your project's project.clj:

:html5-docs-docs-dir            ;; Optional: where to put the HTML files.  Defaults to "docs".
:html5-docs-name                ;; Optional: if specified, overrides the project :name
:html5-docs-docset-icons        ;; Optional: A vector of two png icons for use in the generated docset.
                                ;; the first should be 16x16, the second 32x32.  The latter is optional.
:html5-docs-page-title          ;; Optional: defaults to "<ProjectName> API Documentation"
:html5-docs-source-path         ;; Optional: overrides :source-path, handy if you want to document only
                                ;; src/foo, but not src/bar, src/baz, ...
:html5-docs-ns-includes         ;; Required: A regex that is matched against namespace names.  If your
                                ;; all your project's namespaces start with "foo.bar", then it should
                                ;; be something like #"^foo\.bar.*".
:html5-docs-ns-excludes         ;; Optional: A regex that is matched against namespace names.  For example,
                                ;; you probably want to set it to #".*\.test\..*" to exclude your test
                                ;; namespaces.
:html5-docs-repository-url      ;; Required: The URL of your repository, e.g., for github projects it is
                                ;; something like "https://github.com/<group>/<project>/blob/master"
                                ;; May also be a fn receiving the project map and returning a string.
                                ;; This is handy, e.g., to make the url depend on the project's version.

After this setup, simply run lein html5-docs in your project. To generate a docset for use with Dash and Zeal, run lein html5-docs :docset.

To be done

I've written this plugin because I was unable to get autodoc or marginalia to give me exactly the sort of output I desired. So I decided to write my own minimal API docs generation tool. The code of this plugin lived as a leiningen task in one of my projects for several month, and everything was hard-coded to match this very project's needs.

Then I've invested some time to rip it out of there and make it a stand-alone leiningen plugin. It should basically work for any leiningen project, but I didn't test it extensively.

There's much room for improvements:

  • The code probably needs a cleanup and a bit of restructuring

  • I'm really not a web designer and I'm famous for my bad taste (you might want to ask my wife!), so the CSS and layout stuff can surely be improved

  • There might be tons of bugs. All I can say is that it works fine for my project.

I'm happy to integrate patches and pull requests.


Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Tassilo Horn tsdh@gnu.org

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.