The website for the Encyclopedia Brunch podcast
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The website for the Encyclopedia Brunch podcast

Thanks for looking at this repository! This is the backend code for It was written from scratch (and with the help of some lovely tutorials) by Tim Dobbs.



  • - Run this file to start the app, running on Flask
  • - Initializes the Flask framework and the SQLAlchemy extension
  • - Configures SQLAlechmy to open the correct database from which to read content
  • - Defines the database models for the app
  • - Maps URLs to appropriate controllers, runs the backend code, and returns information to the appropriate view templates
  • - Short helper functions, used mostly in
  • templates
    • layout.html - The main layout for the website. All other HTML views extend off of this one
    • home.html - The default load page for the site
    • posts.html - Displays all shows, paginated. Also used to display individual shows
    • about.html - The 'About The Show' page
    • submit.html - Not functional. Will contain form to allow creators to submit new episodes inside web interface
    • rss.xml - Generates the RSS feed when it is requested
    • 404.html
  • static
    • css - Folder containing .css files
  • examplesfromk
    • unit test examples - not currently applicable to this project, but will be adjusted if we decide to use unit tests here.


###To run:
This code runs on the Flask microframework. Install before running -
It also uses the SQLAlchemy extension for Flask -
It also also uses the Flask-WTF for forms -
Once these prerequisites are met, run from the command line to start the Flask server


###Javascript requirements:
To make the media player work, include the standard mediaelement.js files in static/js/mediaelement -
To make responsive design work, include bootstrap.js and bootstrap.min.js in static/js -
Finally, to make the pagination widget at the bottom of the posts work, include jquery.hoverIntent.js in static/js -


###Content NOT included:
When looking for shows to display, the code looks for a SQLite database called 'eb.db', which is not included in this repository. Details of the model for this database can be found in
Images should be stored in static/img/[filename]. Post image locations are not hardcoded, but rather stored in the post table in eb.db