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Homebrew packaging for TSDuck

This repository is a Homebrew Tap for TSDuck.

Homebrew is a package manager for open-source projects on macOS. For end-users, TSDuck is installable on macOS systems using Homebrew only.

If you have never used Homebrew on your system, you can install it using:

xcode-select --install
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

The first command installs the Xcode command line tools; this is a prerequisite for Homebrew. The second command installs Homebrew itself.

Before installing TSDuck for the first time, you must configure the Homebrew tap containing TSDuck (let's say that a tap is a repository of Homebrew packages).

brew tap tsduck/tsduck

Then, you can install TSDuck using:

brew install tsduck

If you would like to install the lastest test version (HEAD version) use:

brew install --HEAD tsduck

After installation, to upgrade to latest version:

brew update
brew upgrade tsduck

When Homebrew upgrades packages, the old versions are not removed. The new versions are just added. After a while, megabytes of outdated packages accumulate on disk. To remove outdated packages:

brew cleanup

To uninstall TSDuck:

brew uninstall tsduck