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I try to enable option adding using instructions from : harvesthq/chosen#166
but it doesn't work and I have no error. Is it supported?

My mistake. Solved. I tried to use it on select field. On text field works well

gentoo-pl closed this Oct 11, 2012

Hi, how did you add it?

I tried with this code but it didn't work, it appears like a single chosen.

I'm using Single Form, and I'm trying to find how to make it work with textfield.

<%= f.input :tag_list, collection: Post.tag_counts_on(:tags), input_html: { multiple: true } %>

$(function() {
create_option: true,
persistent_create_option: true

Do you have any difference?


tsechingho commented Feb 18, 2013

I add a section of how to enable chosen to readme, please take a look.

pablomarti, I guess you may forget to add //= require chosen-jquery to your application.js

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