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This document sits aside the perlfaq files as a scratchpad for things
that should change, but for some reason haven't. Please use this
syntax (and leave the committer annotation to subversion):
<severity>perlfaq<number> - <comment>
! - important change needed soon
? - something that might need work, but not sure
. - change this at some point, but no big deal
& - needs a code change
" - needs a prose change
\ - backwards compatibility change (e.g. for 5.6)
/ - forwards compatibility change (e.g. for 5.10)
# - resolved, but keep in list anyway just in case
- - candidate for deletion
+ - candidate for addition
For example:
Important change to text:
!"perlfaq5 - The question says foo, but should say bar
Is that code right:
?&perlfaq4 - Does that really calculate foo?
Delete this question:
-perlfaq3 - Question "How do I foo?" no longer needed with Perl5
Add this question
+perlfaq1 - Add "Why Doens't anyone ever listen to me?"
# put some parsing, reporting code here
?perlfaq3 - Where can I get perl-mode for emacs?
Everyone seems to disagree on what cperl is the right one
?perlfaq5 - How can I translate tildes (~) in a filename?
?perlfaq7 - remove mention
?perlfaq8 - FAQ 8.43 How do I open a file without blocking?
-perlfaq7 - What is variable suicide and how can I prevent it?
!perlfaq9 - How do I remove HTML from a string?
This answer is 15 years old and just plain wrong
.&"/perlfaq7 - How do I create a switch or case statement? (Remove horrific, long, old-style // && do switch emulation example)
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