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The Search Engine Project

A PHP MySQL Search Engine using all the latest technologies and conventions. We aim to provide the best experience for the user and be a open source alternative to hosted solutions.

Welcome to the home of The Search Engine Project. Welcome to an Open and Free search engine that uses the latest technology and methods to bring you the best possible experience. Welcome to an end to trusting others with your sites data, and a beginning to keeping your data safe and secure on your server.

The Search Engine Project is a search engine written in PHP5 that enables you to host your own search engine. The Search Engine Project is not a script, but a complete and well-written web application created using Symfony2, one of the fastest and most complex web frameworks available today.

Say goodbye to using proprietary solutions that limit the amount of pages you may index, and hello to a customized solution that meets- and exceeds -all of your needs. Instead of paying for a black box, you may customize and modify The Search Engine Project to fit your requirements.

Be part of the community, or contribute code by clicking on the links to the right. We hope the Search Engine Project will be the last search engine that you will need.

To install this application, download the 'install.php' file and upload it to your server.

NOTE: This product is currently in alpha. Please download the stable version here