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jQuery prefetch plugin.
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A jquery plugin for easier and more dynamic implementation of the new HTML5 prefetch attribute. For more details regarding the HTML5 prefetch I strongly recommend to read my article HTML5 prefetching

How to use it

Just include the plugin <script src="js/jquery.jprefetch.js"></script> and activate it in the document ready.


The above code will create all the necessary code to prefetch the url from the supported browsers (see Browser Support section). To make the above process even more dynamic you can put the data-prefetch="true" attribute on any link tag for example <a href="" data-prefetch="true"></a> and then activate the plugin without any parameters.


Keep in mind that the plugin will prefetch only the first link element that will find. This is because the overuse of prefetching can cause delays in bandwidth and it's a bad practise to have multiple pages prefetched.

Prefetching Notes

The below notes on how prefetcing works are written from David Walsh, and more specifically at his excellent article HTML5 Link Prefetching

  • Prefetching does work across domains, including pulling cookies from those sites.
  • Prefetching can throw off website statistics as the user doesn't technically visit a given page.

Browser Support

Firefox and Chrome are the browsers that currently support prefetching. Chrome doesn't use the web standard way, (prefetch attribute <link rel="prefetch" href="">) but you can make use the non-standard prerender prerender attribute (<link rel="prerender" href="">). The plugin supports both versions.


This jQuery plugin was inspired by these articles:



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