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C++ Reference Document Lookup Mode
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 C++ Reference Lookup Mode

:Author: Taesoo Kim (
:Date: July 16, 2009


 C++ Reference Lookup Mode (called cclookup mode) is another clone of
 pylookup mode of mine with exactly same interface and philosophy. It is
 mainly based on web documentation.

 Please check,
    Web  :
    Repo :

 ** [PATH] parameter totally depends on your environment, 
      ex) "~/.emacs.d/cclookup"

;; ======================================================================
;; add cclookup to your loadpath, ex) ~/.emacs.d/cclookup
(setq cclookup-dir "[PATH]")
(add-to-list 'load-path cclookup-dir)

;; load cclookup when compile time
(eval-when-compile (require 'cclookup))

;; set executable file and db file
(setq cclookup-program (concat cclookup-dir "/"))
(setq cclookup-db-file (concat cclookup-dir "/cclookup.db"))

;; to speedup, just load it on demand
(autoload 'cclookup-lookup "cclookup"
  "Lookup SEARCH-TERM in the Python HTML indexes." t)

(autoload 'cclookup-update "cclookup" 
  "Run cclookup-update and create the database at `cclookup-db-file'." t)

Searching Local Documents

Index the database by yourself

1. download any versions of documents from ''
2. indexing by typing './ -u [path]'
  ex) ./ -u ./
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