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# Simple makefile. We make no particular effort to optimize dependencies,
# since compiling all files in a run is very fast anyway.
# This might not be needed on newer emacs versions, but it doesn't hurt.
# Note: newer git doesn't ship vc-git since it's been included in emacs,
# but that's only v23+. Oops. If that's your situation, add a path to
# your vc-git.el here (I store mine in .emacs.d now).
VC_GIT_PATH="-L /usr/share/doc/git-core/contrib/emacs -L ~/.emacs.d/"
EMACS_BATCH=emacs -Q --batch "$(VC_GIT_PATH)" -L .
.PHONY: all compile tags test clean
all: compile tags test
compile: *.el
@echo; echo ">>> Compiling"
rm -f *.elc
$(EMACS_BATCH) -f batch-byte-compile *.el
tags: *.el
@echo; echo ">>> Updating tags"
etags *.el
test: *.el
@echo; echo ">>> Running tests"
$(EMACS_BATCH) -l git--test.el -f git-regression
@echo; echo "Testing autoloads..."
$(EMACS_BATCH) --eval "(require 'git-emacs-autoloads)" \
--visit "Makefile" \
--eval "(unless (functionp 'git-diff-baseline) (error \"autoload malfunctioned\"))"
rm -f *.elc
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