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;; Git status buffer support, part of git-emacs.
;; See git-emacs.el for license and versioning.
(require 'git-emacs) ; main module
(require 'ewoc) ; view
;; Variables and utility functions
(defvar git-status-mode-hook nil
"Hooks to run upon entering git-status-mode")
(defvar git-status-mode-map nil
"Keymap for git-status-mode")
(defvar git--status-view nil
"EWOC for git-status-mode")
(defconst git--status-header-format " %-2s %-10s %-5s %4s %s")
(defconst git--status-line-column 32)
(defsubst git--status-header ()
;; Put spaces above the scrollbar and the fringe
(concat (make-string (+ (scroll-bar-columns 'left) (fringe-columns 'left))
? )
(defun git--refresh-desc ()
"Refresh the git-status-mode header description"
(concat (git--bold-face "Directory") " : " default-directory "\n"
(git--bold-face "Branch ") " : "
(or (git--current-branch) "<none>") "\n"
(git--bold-face "Last Log ") " : " (git--last-log-short) "\n")
(defsubst git--status-buffer-name (dir)
(format "*git-status on %s*" (abbreviate-file-name (expand-file-name dir))))
(defsubst git--create-status-buffer (dir)
(let* ((status-buffer-name (git--status-buffer-name dir))
(status-buffer (get-buffer status-buffer-name)))
(or status-buffer (get-buffer-create status-buffer-name))))
(defsubst git--kill-status-buffer (dir)
(kill-buffer (git--status-buffer-name dir)))
;; faces
(defmacro git--face (name fore1 prop1 fore2 prop2)
`(defface ,(intern (concat "git--" (symbol-name name) "-face"))
'((((class color) (background light)) (:foreground ,fore1 ,@prop1))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground ,fore2 ,@prop2)))
,(concat "git " (symbol-name name) " face in status buffer mode")
:group 'git-emacs-faces))
(git--face mark "red" (:bold t) "tomato" (:bold t))
(git--face mark-tree "blue" (:bold t) "yellow" (:bold t))
(git--face mark-blob "black" () "white" ())
(git--face mark-submodule "cyan" () "cyan" ())
(git--face unknown "black" (:bold t) "white" (:bold t))
(git--face ignored "gray" (:bold t) "gray" (:bold t))
(git--face modified "tomato" (:bold t) "tomato" (:bold t))
(git--face unmerged "red" (:bold t) "magenta" (:bold t))
(git--face uptodate "gray" (:bold t) "green" ())
(git--face added "tomato" (:bold t) "cyan" (:bold t))
(git--face deleted "red" (:bold t) "red" (:bold t))
(git--face staged "yellow" (:bold t) "yellow" (:bold t))
(git--face log-line "gray" (:bold t :italic t) "gray"(:bold t :italic t))
;; status view rendering
;; status view on one node
;; +-> perm +-> name
;; +-> mark +-> size
;; +-> stat
;; * Modified 100644 4564 |test.c
;; * New 100644 4564 test.c
(defsubst git--status-node-mark (info)
"Render status view node mark"
(propertize (if (git--fileinfo->marked info) "*" " ")
(defsubst git--status-node-stat (info)
"Render status view node state"
(let ((stat (git--fileinfo->stat info)))
(propertize (capitalize (symbol-name stat))
(case stat
('modified 'git--modified-face )
('uptodate 'git--uptodate-face )
('unknown 'git--unknown-face )
('added 'git--added-face )
('deleted 'git--deleted-face )
('unmerged 'git--unmerged-face )
('staged 'git--staged-face )
(t nil)))))
(defsubst git--status-node-perm (info)
"Render status view node permission"
(or (git--fileinfo->perm info) "------"))
(defun git--status-human-readable-size (size)
"Given a size in bytes, returns a string size of at most four chars, similar
to ls -sh; e.g. 29152 -> 28K."
(if (< size 1024)
(format "%d" size)
(let ((suffixes "KMGT") (i 0))
(while (and (< i (length suffixes))
(>= size 1000)) ; 1023K would be 5 chars
(setq size (/ size 1024.0))
(incf i))
(format (if (< size 10) "%.1f%c" "%.0f%c")
size (elt suffixes (- i 1))))))
(defsubst git--status-node-size (info)
"Render status view node size"
(let ((size (git--fileinfo->size info)))
(if (not size) ""
(git--status-human-readable-size size))))
(defsubst git--status-node-name (info)
"Render status view node name"
(let ((name (git--fileinfo->name info))
(type (git--fileinfo->type info)))
(setq name (replace-regexp-in-string "[^/]+/" " " name))
(if (eq type 'commit) "%s [submodule>]" "%s")
(propertize name 'face
(case type
('tree 'git--mark-tree-face)
('blob 'git--mark-blob-face)
('commit 'git--mark-submodule-face)
(t (error "Unknown node type: %S" type)))))))
(defun git--render-file-status (info)
"Render status view node, call in order
mark : 'git--status-node-mark
state : 'git--status-node-stat
permission : 'git--status-node-perm
size : 'git--status-node-size
name : 'git--status-node-name"
(insert (format git--status-header-format
(git--status-node-mark info)
(git--status-node-stat info)
(git--status-node-perm info)
(git--status-node-size info)
(git--status-node-name info))))
;; status mode definition
(defun git-status-mode ()
"Major mode for viewing and editing the state of a git directory."
;; set major mode
(setq mode-name "git status")
(setq major-mode 'git-status-mode)
(use-local-map git-status-mode-map)
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(setq header-line-format (git--status-header))
;; create ewoc for current git-status buffer
(set (make-local-variable 'git--status-view)
(ewoc-create 'git--render-file-status "" ""))
(set (make-local-variable 'revert-buffer-function)
(run-hooks 'git-status-mode-hook))
(defun git-status-mode-revert-buffer (ignore-auto noconfirm)
"Refresh status information."
(let* ((current-node (ewoc-locate git--status-view))
(current-fi (when current-node (ewoc-data current-node)))
(git--please-wait "Reading git status" (git--status-new))
(when current-fi
(git--status-view-update-expand-tree (list current-fi) t)
(setq new-current
(git--status-map (ewoc-nth git--status-view 0)
(lambda (node data)
(or (string= (git--fileinfo->name data)
(git--fileinfo->name current-fi))
(git--fileinfo-lessp current-fi data))))))
(if (not new-current)
(ewoc-goto-node git--status-view new-current)
(move-to-column git--status-line-column))))
;; autoloaded entry point
(defun git-status (dir)
"Launch git-status-mode on the specified directory. With a prefix
argument (C-u), always prompts."
(interactive (list (git--get-top-dir-or-prompt
"Select directory: " (when current-prefix-arg t))))
(setq dir (git--get-top-dir dir))
(if (file-directory-p (git--expand-to-repository-dir dir))
(switch-to-buffer (git--create-status-buffer dir))
(cd dir)
(git--please-wait "Reading git status"
;; (add-hook 'after-save-hook 'git-update-saved-file)))
(message "%s is not a git working tree." dir)))
;; git-status-view features
(defsubst git--clear-status ()
"Clear the git-status-view"
(ewoc-filter git--status-view #'(lambda (info) nil))
(ewoc-refresh git--status-view)
(let ((buffer-read-only nil)) (erase-buffer)))
(defsubst git--status-tree () (git--ls-tree "HEAD"))
(defsubst git--status-map (node pred)
"Iterate over git--status-view nodes by using 'ewoc-next. Stops
when PRED returns t and returns that node. The predicate function
should get 'node and 'data arguments and it should return t or
nil. If predicate returned nil we continue to scan, otherwise
stop and return the node."
(let ((data nil)
(cont t))
(while (and node cont)
(setq data (ewoc-data node))
(setq cont (not (funcall pred node data)))
(when cont (setq node (ewoc-next git--status-view node))))
(defun git--status-view-dumb-update-element (fi)
"Add updated fileinfo FI to `git--status-view'. Slow, right now."
(unless (git--status-map (ewoc-nth git--status-view 0)
#'(lambda (node data)
(when (git--fileinfo-lessp fi data)
(ewoc-enter-before git--status-view node fi))))
(ewoc-enter-last git--status-view fi)))
(defun git--status-view-update-state (fileinfos)
"Update the state of the status view nodes corresponding to FILEINFOS."
(let ((hashed-info (make-hash-table :test 'equal :size (length fileinfos))))
(dolist (fi fileinfos)
(puthash (git--fileinfo->name fi) fi hashed-info))
(ewoc-collect git--status-view
#'(lambda (node)
(let* ((name (git--fileinfo->name node))
(fi (gethash name hashed-info)))
(when fi
(setf (git--fileinfo->stat node)
(git--fileinfo->stat fi))
(remhash name hashed-info)))))
(maphash #'(lambda (k v) (git--status-view-dumb-update-element v)) hashed-info)))
(defun git--status-view-update-expand-tree (fileinfos
&optional dont-add-unknown-dirs)
"Expand the tree nodes containing one of FILEINFOS, which must be sorted.
Does not add unknown files within the expanded dirs, that must be
an additional merge step. If DONT-ADD-UNKNOWN-DIRS is specified,
does not add additional directories to accommodate fileinfos that
are very deep (used when repositioning mark on refresh)."
(let ((node (ewoc-nth git--status-view 0))
(last-path-expanded '()))
(dolist (fi fileinfos)
(let* ((components (nbutlast
(split-string (git--fileinfo->name fi) "/")))
(paths-to-expand components) ; advancing pointer inside components
(matched-name nil) (cont-iteration t))
(while (and paths-to-expand last-path-expanded
(string= (car paths-to-expand) (car last-path-expanded)))
(setq paths-to-expand (cdr paths-to-expand))
(setq last-path-expanded (cdr last-path-expanded)))
(setq last-path-expanded components)
;; Paths inside root or an expanded path are already handled.
(when paths-to-expand
(let ((remaining-paths (cdr paths-to-expand)))
(setcdr paths-to-expand nil) ; splice off beginning path
(setq matched-name (git--join components "/"))
(setcdr paths-to-expand remaining-paths) ; relink last-path-expanded
(setq paths-to-expand remaining-paths))
(while cont-iteration
(let ((data (ewoc-data node)) (found-it nil))
(if (and (git--fileinfo-is-dir data)
(string= (git--fileinfo->name data) matched-name))
(unless (git--fileinfo->expanded data)
(git--expand-tree node t))
(setq found-it t))
;; Have we passed our insertion point? This can happen when
;; merging unknown files in unknown subdirs.
(when (git--fileinfo-lessp fi data)
(if dont-add-unknown-dirs
(setq cont-iteration nil)
;; Add the subdir we were looking for here. Don't advance.
(setq node (ewoc-enter-before
git--status-view node
matched-name 'tree nil nil nil 'unknown)))
;; This new node is being expanded as we speak.
(setf (git--fileinfo->expanded (ewoc-data node)) t)
(setq found-it t))))
(if found-it
;; Do we need to expand even lower?
(if paths-to-expand
(setq matched-name
(concat matched-name "/"
(car paths-to-expand)))
(setq paths-to-expand (cdr paths-to-expand))
;; Continue iteration from next node
(setq node (ewoc-next git--status-view node)))
(setq cont-iteration nil)) ;; No, stop at this node.
(setq node (ewoc-next git--status-view node))) ;; advance
;; This was very useful while debugging. Please leave it in.
;; (message "node: %s paths-to-expand %S matched-name %S fi-name %S" (when node (git--fileinfo->name (ewoc-data node))) paths-to-expand matched-name (git--fileinfo->name fi))
(defun git--status-view-update ()
"Update the state of all changed files."
(let ((fileinfos (sort (git--status-index) #'git--fileinfo-lessp)))
(git--status-view-update-expand-tree fileinfos)
(git--status-view-update-state fileinfos)))
(defsubst git--status-refresh ()
(let ((pos (point)))
(ewoc-refresh git--status-view)
(goto-char pos)))
(defun git--status-add-size (fileinfo)
"Fill in the size field of a fileinfo"
(let ((attrs (file-attributes (git--fileinfo->name fileinfo))))
(when (and attrs (not (first attrs)))
(setf (git--fileinfo->size fileinfo) (elt attrs 7)))))
(defun git--status-new ()
"Create new status-view buffer in current buffer"
;; add new file infos
(dolist (info (git--status-tree))
(git--status-add-size info)
(ewoc-enter-last git--status-view info))
;; add modified/renamed etc file infos
;; add unknown file
(let ((fileinfo (git--ls-files "-o" "--exclude-standard")))
(git--status-view-update-expand-tree fileinfo)
;; Use the file sorting to merge into the list.
(let ((iter (ewoc-nth git--status-view 0)))
(dolist (fi fileinfo)
(git--status-add-size fi)
;; Find the lowest node that's larger, or enter at the end.
(let (enter-before)
(lambda (node data)
(when (git--fileinfo-lessp fi data)
(setq enter-before node))))
(if enter-before
(setq iter (ewoc-enter-before git--status-view enter-before fi))
(setq iter (ewoc-enter-last git--status-view fi)))))))
(defsubst git--status-delete (node)
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(ewoc-delete git--status-view node)))
(defun git--status-delete-after-regex (node regex)
(while node
(let ((next-node (ewoc-next git--status-view node))
(node-data (ewoc-data node)))
(if (string-match regex (git--fileinfo->name node-data))
(git--status-delete node)
;; finish if not matched
(setq next-node nil))
(setq node next-node)))
;; key/menu map
(let ((map (make-keymap)))
(suppress-keymap map)
(define-key map "n" 'git--status-view-next-line)
(define-key map "p" 'git--status-view-prev-line)
(define-key map "N" 'git--status-view-next-meaningful-line)
(define-key map "P" 'git--status-view-prev-meaningful-line)
(define-key map "l" 'git-log)
(define-key map "m" 'git--status-view-mark-and-next)
(define-key map "u" 'git--status-view-unmark-and-next)
(define-key map " " 'git--status-view-toggle-and-next)
(define-key map "q" 'git--status-view-quit)
(define-key map "<" 'git--status-view-first-line)
(define-key map ">" 'git--status-view-last-line)
(define-key map "e" 'git--status-view-expand-tree-toggle)
(define-key map "v" 'git--status-view-view-file)
(define-key map "o" 'git--status-view-open-file)
;; Use the sub-maps from git-global-keys for diffs.
(define-key map "d" (copy-keymap git--diff-buffer-map))
(define-key map "D" (copy-keymap git--diff-all-map))
(define-key map "b" 'git-switch-branch)
(define-key map "!" 'git--status-view-resolve-merge)
(define-key map "." 'git-cmd)
(define-key map "k" 'gitk)
(define-key map "L" 'git-log-files)
(define-key map "g" 'git--status-view-refresh)
(define-key map "a" 'git--status-view-add)
(define-key map "i" 'git--status-view-add-ignore)
(define-key map "r" 'git--status-view-rename)
(define-key map "?" 'git--status-view-blame)
(define-key map (kbd "<delete>") 'git--status-view-rm)
(define-key map "*" 'git--status-view-mark-reg)
(define-key map "s" 'git--status-view-summary)
(define-key map "z" 'git-branch)
(define-key map "c" (copy-keymap git--commit-map))
(define-key map "R" 'git-reset)
(define-key map "\C-m" 'git--status-view-open-or-expand)
(setq git-status-mode-map map))
(easy-menu-define gitemacs-menu git-status-mode-map
["Refresh" git--status-view-refresh t]
["First Line" git--status-view-first-line t]
["Last Line" git--status-view-last-line t]
["Next Line" git--status-view-next-line t]
["Previous Line" git--status-view-prev-line t]
["Next Meaningful Line" git--status-view-next-meaningful-line t]
["Previous Meaningful Line" git--status-view-prev-meaningful-line t]
["Expand Tree" git--status-view-expand-tree-toggle]
["Add File" git--status-view-add t]
["Ignore File" git--status-view-add-ignore t]
["Rename File" git--status-view-rename t]
["Open File" git--status-view-open-file t]
["View File" git--status-view-view-file t]
("Diff File against"
;; We want the short keys to appear here rather than the global keys
["HEAD" git-diff-head :keys "d RET" :active t]
["Index" git-diff-index :keys "d i" :active t]
["Baseline" git-diff-baseline :keys "d b" :active t]
["Other..." git-diff-other :keys "d o" :active t])
("Diff Repository against"
["HEAD" git-diff-all-head :keys "D RET" :active t]
["Index" git-diff-all-index :keys "D i" :active t]
["Baseline" git-diff-all-baseline :keys "D b" :active t]
["Other..." git-diff-all-other :keys "D o" :active t])
["Delete File" git--status-view-rm]
["View Summary" git--status-view-summary t]
["Log for Selected File(s)" git-log-files :keys "L" :active t]
["Mark" git--status-view-mark-and-next t]
["Unmark" git--status-view-unmark-and-next t]
["Branch Mode" git-branch t]
["Switch to Branch..." git-switch-branch t]
["All Changes" git-commit-all :keys "c RET" :active t]
["Index" git-commit :keys "c i" :active t]
["Selected File(s)" git-commit-file :keys "c f" :active t])
["Reset..." git-reset :keys "R" :active t]
["Resolve Merge" git--status-view-resolve-merge t]
["Merge..." git-merge t]
["Revert" git-revert t]
["Log for Project" git-log t]
["Git Command" git-cmd t]
["GitK" gitk t]
["Quit" git--status-view-quit t]))
;; status view tree expanding
(defun git--expand-tree (node &optional dont-add-unknown)
"Expand 'node' in 'git--status-view'. node->type should be 'tree. If
DONT-ADD-UNKOWN is true, does not add unknown files (if we're about to merge
(let* ((data (ewoc-data node))
(name (git--fileinfo->name data))
(type (git--fileinfo->type data))
(tree-sha1 (git--fileinfo->sha1 data))
;; We need some duplicate removal later on. Hashtable? not now.
(known-subdirs '())
(lambda (fi)
(let ((subfname (git--fileinfo->name fi)))
(setf (git--fileinfo->name fi)
(git--concat-path-only name subfname))
(when (git--fileinfo-is-dir fi) (push subfname known-subdirs)))
;; The node may or may not be in git (e.g. unknown files onl)
(sort (append
(when tree-sha1
(let ((fileinfos (git--ls-tree tree-sha1)))
(mapc massage-fileinfo fileinfos) ; modify them
;; Add unknown files, but just at the top-level. Note
;; that git would give them to us *with* name, if we
;; didn't cd.
(unless dont-add-unknown
(let ((unknown-files
(let ((default-directory
(concat default-directory "/"
(file-name-as-directory name))))
(git--ls-files "-o" "--exclude-standard")))
(filtered-unknown '()))
(dolist (fi unknown-files)
(let* ((subfname (git--fileinfo->name fi))
(components (split-string subfname "/" t)))
(if (eq 1 (length components))
(push (funcall massage-fileinfo fi)
;; insert just the first component, if not seen
(unless (member (car components) known-subdirs)
(funcall massage-fileinfo
(car components)
'tree nil nil nil 'unknown))
(unless (eq type 'tree) (error "type should be 'tree"))
(unless (git--fileinfo->expanded data)
(dolist (fi fileinfos)
(git--status-add-size fi)
(setq node (ewoc-enter-after git--status-view node fi)))
(setf (git--fileinfo->expanded data) t))))
(defun git--shrink-tree (node)
"Shrink 'node' in 'git--status-view'. node->type should be 'tree"
(let* ((data (ewoc-data node))
(name (git--fileinfo->name data)))
(unless (git--fileinfo-is-dir data) (error "type should be 'tree"))
(when (git--fileinfo->expanded data)
;; make regexp "node->name/"
(ewoc-next git--status-view node)
(concat "^" (regexp-quote (file-name-as-directory name))))
(setf (git--fileinfo->expanded data) nil))))
(defun git--status-view-expand-tree-toggle ()
"Expand if tree is not expanded otherwise close the tree"
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate git--status-view))
(node-info (ewoc-data node)))
(when (and node node-info
(eq (git--fileinfo->type node-info) 'tree))
(if (git--fileinfo->expanded node-info)
(git--shrink-tree node)
(git--expand-tree node)))))
;; status view moving
(defun git--status-view-forward-line (n)
"Move forward by N lines in the status view."
(interactive "p")
(let ((dir (/ n (abs n))))
(forward-line n)
(while (or (looking-at "^[\n\t ]+$")
(looking-at "^[^ ]"))
(forward-line dir)))
(move-to-column git--status-line-column))
(defun git--status-view-first-line ()
"Move to the first item in the status view."
(goto-char (point-min))
(git--status-view-forward-line 1))
(defun git--status-view-last-line ()
"Move to the last item in the status view."
(goto-char (point-max))
(git--status-view-forward-line -1))
(defun git--forward-meaningful-line (move)
"Call MOVE until we end up on a meaningful line (i.e. one with updates)."
(let ((start-node (ewoc-locate git--status-view)))
(funcall move 1)
(while (and (eq 'uptodate
(git--fileinfo->stat (ewoc-data (ewoc-locate git--status-view))))
(not (eq start-node (ewoc-locate git--status-view))))
(funcall move 1))))
(defun git--status-view-next-line (&optional n)
"Move to the next line in the status view."
(interactive "p")
(if (eql (ewoc-locate git--status-view)
(ewoc-nth git--status-view -1))
(git--status-view-forward-line 1)))
(defun git--status-view-next-meaningful-line ()
"Move to the next meaningful line in the status view."
(git--forward-meaningful-line 'git--status-view-next-line))
(defun git--status-view-prev-line (&optional n)
"Move to the previous line in the status view."
(interactive "p")
(if (eql (ewoc-locate git--status-view)
(ewoc-nth git--status-view 0))
(git--status-view-forward-line -1)))
(defun git--status-view-prev-meaningful-line ()
"Move to the previous meaningful line in the status view."
(git--forward-meaningful-line 'git--status-view-prev-line))
;; Marking.
(defun git--mark-line (marked)
"Sets the mark flag of the current line to MARK. Updates the view."
(let ((node (ewoc-locate git--status-view)))
(setf (git--fileinfo->marked (ewoc-data node)) marked)
(ewoc-invalidate git--status-view node)))
(defun git--status-view-mark-and-next ()
"Mark and go to the next line."
(git--mark-line t)
(defun git--status-view-unmark-and-next ()
"Unmark and go to the next line."
(git--mark-line nil)
(defun git--toggle-line ()
"Toggles the marked state of the current line."
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate git--status-view))
(data (ewoc-data node))
(mark (git--fileinfo->marked data)))
(setf (git--fileinfo->marked data) (not mark))
(ewoc-invalidate git--status-view node)))
(defun git--status-view-toggle-and-next ()
"Toggle the marked state of the current line and move to the next."
;; Commands
(defun git--status-view-quit ()
"Quit the git status buffer."
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))
(defun git--status-view-refresh ()
"Refresh git status buffer."
(git--please-wait "Reading git status" (revert-buffer)))
(defun git--status-view-mark-reg (reg)
"Prompt for a regular expression, mark the files that match."
(interactive "sRegexp >> ")
(ewoc-collect git--status-view
#'(lambda (data)
(when (string-match reg (git--fileinfo->name data))
(setf (git--fileinfo->marked data) t))))
(ewoc-refresh git--status-view)
(defun git--status-view-summary ()
"Pops up an 'occur' summary of the changed files."
(occur "[\t* ]+\\(Deleted\\|Modified\\|Unknown\\|Added\\|Staged\\)")
(message "Move with 'next-error and 'previous-error"))
;; Operations on single files.
(defsubst git--status-view-select-filename ()
"Return the filename of the current status view item."
(let ((filename (git--fileinfo->name (ewoc-data (ewoc-locate git--status-view)))))
(when (file-directory-p filename)
(error "Not a file"))
(defsubst git--status-view-select-type ()
"Return the type of the current view item."
(git--fileinfo->type (ewoc-data (ewoc-locate git--status-view))))
(defun git--status-view-view-file ()
"View the selected file."
(view-file (git--status-view-select-filename)))
(defun git--status-view-open-file ()
"Open the selected file."
(find-file (git--status-view-select-filename)))
(defun git--status-view-descend-submodule ()
"Opens a status view on the selected submodule."
(let ((submodule-dir (git--fileinfo->name
(ewoc-data (ewoc-locate git--status-view)))))
(git-status submodule-dir)
(message "Viewing submodule \"%s\", close buffer to return"
(defun git--status-view-resolve-merge ()
"Resolve merge conflicts in the currently selected file (must be unmerged)."
(let ((file (git--status-view-select-filename)))
(if (eq 'unmerged (git--status-file file))
(find-file (git--status-view-select-filename))
(error "File is not unmerged"))))
(defun git--status-view-open-or-expand ()
"Open or expands the current file / directory / submodule."
(case (git--status-view-select-type)
('tree (git--status-view-expand-tree-toggle))
('blob (git--status-view-open-file))
('commit (git--status-view-descend-submodule))
(t (error "Not supported type"))))
(defun git--status-view-blame ()
"Open the current file and enable blame mode."
(when (eq (git--status-view-select-type) 'blob)
(find-file (git--status-view-select-filename))
(git-blame-mode t)))
;; status view for all marked files or selected
(defsubst git--status-view-marked-files ()
"Return a list of the marked files. Usually,
`git--status-view-marked-or-file' is what you want instead."
(let (files)
(ewoc-collect git--status-view
#'(lambda (node)
(when (git--fileinfo->marked node)
(push (git--fileinfo->name node) files))))
(defsubst git--status-view-marked-or-file ()
"Return a list of the marked files, or if none, the file on the
current line. You can think of this as the \"selected files\"."
(let ((files (git--status-view-marked-files)))
(when (null files)
(setq files (list (git--status-view-select-filename))))
(defun git--status-view-rm ()
"Delete the selected files."
(let* ((files (git--status-view-marked-or-file))
;; We can't afford to use stale fileinfos here, the warnings
;; are crucial.
(fresh-fileinfos (append (apply #'git--status-index files)
(apply #'git--ls-files "-o" "--" files)))
(untracked-files nil) (pending-files nil))
(dolist (fi fresh-fileinfos)
(let ((stat (git--fileinfo->stat fi)) (name (git--fileinfo->name fi)))
(if (member stat '(unknown ignored)) ;although ignored aren't really vis
(push name untracked-files)
(unless (eq stat 'uptodate) (push name pending-files)))))
;; We really have to be careful about this -- elaborate warning message
(let* ((untracked-warn (git--bold-face "untracked"))
(pending-warn (concat "with " (git--bold-face "pending changes")))
((eq (length files) (length untracked-files)) untracked-warn)
((eq (length files) (length pending-files)) pending-warn)
(t (git--join
(delq nil
(list (when untracked-files
(format "%d %s"
(length untracked-files) untracked-warn))
(when pending-files
(format "%d %s"
(length pending-files) pending-warn))))
", "))))
(status-warning-include (if (> (length status-warning) 0)
(format " (%s)" status-warning)
(msg (if (eq 1 (length files))
(format "%s%s" (first files) status-warning-include)
(format "%s files%s" (length files) status-warning-include))))
(unless (y-or-n-p (format "Really %s %s? "
(git--bold-face "delete")
(error "Aborted deletion"))
;; do git rm -f on all the tracked files
(let ((tracked-files
(delq nil (mapcar #'(lambda(file)
(unless (member file untracked-files) file))
(num-deleted 0))
(when tracked-files
(apply #'git--exec-string "rm" "-f" "--" tracked-files))
(incf num-deleted (length tracked-files))
;; Remove other files directly
(dolist (file untracked-files)
(delete-file file)
(incf num-deleted))
(message "Deleted %d files" num-deleted)))))
(defun git--status-view-rename ()
"Rename the selected file(s)."
(let ((files (git--status-view-marked-or-file)))
(dolist (src files)
(let ((msg (format "%s '%s' to >> " (git--bold-face "Rename") src)))
(git--mv src (file-relative-name (read-from-minibuffer msg src))))))
(defun git--status-view-add ()
"Add the selected file(s) to the index."
(git--add (git--status-view-marked-or-file))
(defun git--status-view-add-ignore ()
"Add the selected file(s) to .gitignore"
(let ((files (git--status-view-marked-or-file)))
(dolist (file files)
(git-ignore file)))
(provide 'git-status)
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