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A lightweight sandbox tool for non-root users
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Mbox is a lightweight sandboxing mechanism that any user can use without special privileges in commodity operating systems. For more details, see doc/NOTE.web or visit the website.

Getting started

$ cd src
$ cp {.,}configsbox.h
$ ./configure
$ make

 - src/tests-sbox    : test codes
      /sbox.{c,h}    : system call hooks
      /mbox.c        : main

$ ./mbox -h          : help
$ ./mbox ls          : give it a shot
$ ./       : test all unit tests

$ ./mbox -s ls       : run ls with seccomp/bpf (if supported)

Use cases

$ ./mbox -i -- wget      : a simple use
$ ./mbox -n -i -- wget   : no network
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