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2011.08.12, Version 0.5.4 (unstable)
* libuv/Windows compatibility improvements

* Build on Microsoft Visual Studio via GYP. Use generate-projects.bat in the
  to build sln files. (Peter Bright, Igor Zinkovsky)

* Make Mikeal's HTTP agent client the default. Use old HTTP client with

* Fixes https host header default port handling. (Mikeal Rogers)

* #1440 strip byte order marker when loading *.js and *.json files
  (Ben Noordhuis)

* #1434 Improve util.format() compatibility with browser. (Koichi Kobayashi)

* Provide unchecked uint entry points for integer
  methods. (Robert Mustacchi)

* CMake improvements (Tom Huges)

* Upgrade V8 to 3.5.4.


2011.08.01, Version 0.5.3 (unstable)
* Fix crypto encryption/decryption with Base64. (SAWADA Tadashi)

* #243 Add an optional length argument to Buffer.write() (koichik)

* #657 convert nonbuffer data to string in fs.writeFile/Sync
  (Daniel Pihlström)

* Add process.features, remove process.useUV (Ben Noordhuis)

* #324 Fix crypto hmac to accept binary keys + add test cases from rfc 2202
  and 4231 (Stefan Bühler)

* Add Socket::bytesRead, Socket::bytesWritten (Alexander Uvarov)

* #572 Don't print result of --eval in CLI (Ben Noordhuis)

* #1223 Fix http.ClientRequest crashes if end() was called twice (koichik)

* #1383 Emit 'close' after all connections have closed (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Add sprintf-like util.format() function (Ben Noordhuis)

* Add support for TLS SNI (Fedor Indutny)

* New http agent implementation. Off by default the command line flag
  --use-http2 will enable it. "make test-http2" will run the tests
	for the new implementation. (Mikeal Rogers)

* Revert AMD compatibility. (isaacs)

* Windows: improvements, child_process support.

* Remove pkg-config file.

* Fix startup time regressions.

* doc improvements


2011.07.22, Version 0.5.2 (unstable)
* libuv improvements; named pipe support

* #1242 check for SSL_COMP_get_compression_methods() (Ben Noordhuis)

* #1348 remove require.paths (isaacs)

* #1349 Delimit NODE_PATH with ; on Windows (isaacs)

* #1335 Remove EventEmitter from C++

* #1357 Load json files with require() (isaacs)

* #1374 fix setting ServerResponse.statusCode in writeHead (Trent Mick)

* Fixed: GC was being run too often.

* Upgrade V8 to 3.4.14

* doc improvements


2011.07.19, Version 0.4.10 (stable)
* #394 Fix Buffer drops last null character in UTF-8

* #829 Backport r8577 from V8 (Ben Noordhuis)

* #877 Don't wait for HTTP Agent socket pool to establish connections.

* #915 Find kqueue on FreeBSD correctly (Brett Kiefer)

* #1085 HTTP: Fix race in abort/dispatch code (Stefan Rusu)

* #1274 debugger improvement (Yoshihiro Kikuchi)

* #1291 Properly respond to HEAD during end(body) hot path (Reid Burke)

* #1304 TLS: Fix race in abort/connection code (Stefan Rusu)

* #1360 Allow _ in url hostnames.

* Revert 37d529f - unbreaks debugger command parsing.

* Bring back global execScript

* Doc improvements


2011.07.14, Version 0.5.1 (unstable)
* #1233 Fix os.totalmem on FreeBSD amd64 (Artem Zaytsev)

* #1149 IDNA and Punycode support in url.parse
  (Jeremy Selier, Ben Noordhuis, isaacs)

* Export $CC and $CXX to uv and V8's build systems

* Include pthread-win32 static libraries in build (Igor Zinkovsky)

* #1199, #1094 Fix fs can't handle large file on 64bit platform (koichik)

* #1281 Make require a public member of module (isaacs)

* #1303 Stream.pipe returns the destination (Elijah Insua)

* #1229 Addons should not -DEV_MULTIPLICITY=0 (Brian White)

* libuv backend improvements

* Upgrade V8 to 3.4.10


2011.07.05, Version 0.5.0 (unstable)
* New non-default libuv backend to support IOCP on Windows.
  Use --use-uv to enable.

* deprecate

* docs improved.

* add child_process.fork

* add fs.utimes() and fs.futimes() support (Ben Noordhuis)

* add process.uptime() (Tom Huges)

* add path.relative (Tony Huang)

* add os.getNetworkInterfaces()

* add remoteAddress and remotePort for client TCP connections
  (Brian White)

* add secureOptions flag, setting ciphers,
  SSL_OP_CRYPTOPRO_TLSEXT_BUG to TLS (Theo Schlossnagle)

* add process.arch (Nathan Rajlich)

* add reading/writing of floats and doubles from/to buffers (Brian White)

* Allow script to be read from stdin

* #477 add Buffer::fill method to do memset (Konstantin Käfer)

* #573 Diffie-Hellman support to crypto module (Håvard Stranden)

* #695 add 'hex' encoding to buffer (isaacs)

* #851 Update how REPLServer uses contexts (Ben Weaver)

* #853 add fs.lchow, fs.lchmod, fs.fchmod, fs.fchown (isaacs)

* #889 Allow to remove all EventEmitter listeners at once
  (Felix Geisendörfer)

* #926 OpenSSL NPN support (Fedor Indutny)

* #955 Change ^C handling in REPL (isaacs)

* #979 add support for Unix Domain Sockets to HTTP (Mark Cavage)

* #1173 #1170 add AMD, asynchronous module definition (isaacs)

* DTrace probes: support X-Forwarded-For (Dave Pacheco)


2011.06.29, Version 0.4.9 (stable)
* Improve documentation

* #1095 error handling bug in stream.pipe() (Felix Geisendörfer)

* #1097 Fix a few leaks in (Ben Noordhuis)

* #562 #1078 Parse file:// urls properly (Ryan Petrello)

* #880 Option to disable SSLv2 (Jérémy Lal)

* #1087 Disabling SSL compression disabled with early OpenSSLs.

* #1144 debugger: don't allow users to input non-valid commands
  (Siddharth Mahendraker)

* Perf improvement for util.inherits

* #1166 Support for signature verification with RSA/DSA public keys
  (Mark Cavage)

* #1177 Remove node_modules lookup optimization to better support
  nested project structures (Mathias Buus)

* #1203 Add missing scope.Close to fs.sendfileSync

* #1187 Support multiple 'link' headers

* #1196 Fix -e/--eval can't load module from node_modules (Koichi Kobayashi)

* Upgrade V8 to, upgrade http-parser.


2011.05.20, Version 0.4.8 (stable)
* #974 Properly report traceless errors (isaacs)

* #983 Better JSON.parse error detection in REPL (isaacs)

* #836 Agent socket errors bubble up to req only if req exists

* #1041 Fix event listener leak check timing (koichik)

*	#1038 Fix dns.resolve() with 'PTR' throws Error: Unknown type "PTR"

* #1073 Share SSL context between server connections (Fedor Indutny)

* Disable compression with OpenSSL. Improves memory perf.

* Implement os.totalmem() and os.freemem() for SunOS (Alexandre Marangone)

* Fix a special characters in URL regression (isaacs)

* Fix idle timeouts in HTTPS (Felix Geisendörfer)

* SlowBuffer.write() with 'ucs2' throws ReferenceError. (koichik)

* http.ServerRequest 'close' sometimes gets an error argument
  (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Doc improvements

* cleartextstream.destroy() should close(2) the socket. Previously was being
	mapped to a shutdown(2) syscall.

* No longer compile out asserts and debug statements in normal build.

* Debugger improvements.

* Upgrade V8 to


2011.04.22, Version 0.4.7 (stable)
* Don't emit error on ECONNRESET from read() #670

* Fix: Multiple pipes to the same stream were broken #929
  (Felix Geisendörfer)

* URL parsing/formatting corrections #954 (isaacs)

* make it possible to do repl.start('', stream) (Wade Simmons)

* Add os.loadavg for SunOS (Robert Mustacchi)

* Fix timeouts with floating point numbers #897

* Improve docs.


2011.04.13, Version 0.4.6 (stable)
* Don't error on ENOTCONN from shutdown() #670

* Auto completion of built-in debugger suggests prefix match rather than
	partial match. (koichik)

* circular reference in vm modules. #822 (Jakub Lekstan)

* http response.readable should be false after 'end' #867 (Abe Fettig)

* Implemenet os.cpus() and os.uptime() on Solaris (Scott McWhirter)

* fs.ReadStream: Allow omission of end option for range reads #801
	(Felix Geisendörfer)

* Buffer.write() with UCS-2 should not be write partial char
	#916 (koichik)

* Pass secureProtocol through on tls.Server creation (Theo Schlossnagle)

* TLS use RC4-SHA by default

* Don't strangely drop out of event loop on HTTPS client uploads #892

* Doc improvements

* Upgrade v8 to


2011.04.01, Version 0.4.5 (stable)
* Fix listener leak in stream.pipe() (Mikeal Rogers)

* Retain buffers in GH-814 (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* TLS performance improvements

* SlowBuffer.prototype.slice bug GH-843

* process.stderr.write should return true

* Immediate pause/resume race condition GH-535 (isaacs)

* Set default host header properly GH-721 (isaacs)

* Upgrade V8 to


2011.03.26, Version 0.4.4 (stable)
* CryptoStream.end shouldn't throw if not writable GH-820

* Drop out if connection destroyed before connect() GH-819

* expose https.Agent

* Correctly setsid in GH-815

* Bug fix for failed buffer construction

* Added support for removing .once listeners (GH-806)

* Upgrade V8 to


2011.03.18, Version 0.4.3 (stable)
* Don't decrease server connection counter again if destroy() is called more
	than once GH-431 (Andreas Reich, Anders Conbere)

* Documentation improvements (koichik)

* Fix bug with setMaxListeners GH-682

* Start up memory footprint improvement. (Tom Hughes)

* Solaris improvements.

* Buffer::Length(Buffer*) should not invoke itself recursively GH-759 (Ben

* TLS: Advertise support for client certs GH-774 (Theo Schlossnagle)

* HTTP Agent bugs: GH-787, GH-784, GH-803.

* Don't call GetMemoryUsage every 5 seconds.

* Upgrade V8 to


2011.03.02, Version 0.4.2 (stable)
* Improve docs.

* Fix process.on edge case with signal event (Alexis Sellier)

* Pragma HTTP header comma separation

* In addition to 'aborted' emit 'close' from incoming requests
  (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Fix memleak in vm.runInNewContext

* Do not cache modules that throw exceptions (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Build system changes for libnode (Aria Stewart)

* Read up the prototype of the 'env' object. (Nathan Rajlich)

* Add 'close' and 'aborted' events to Agent responses

* http: fix missing 'drain' events (Russell Haering)

* Fix process.stdout.end() throws ENOTSOCK error. (Koichi Kobayashi)

* REPL bug fixes (isaacs)

* node_modules folders should be highest priority (isaacs)

* URL parse more safely (isaacs)

* Expose errno with a string for dns/cares (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Fix tty.setWindowSize

* spawn: setuid after chdir (isaacs)

* SIGUSR1 should break the VM without delay

* Upgrade V8 to 3.1.8.


2011.02.19, Version 0.4.1 (stable)
* Fixed field merging with progressive fields on writeHead()
  (TJ Holowaychuk)

* Make the repl respect node_modules folders (isaacs)

* Fix for DNS fail in HTTP request (Richard Rodger)

* Default to port 80 for http.request and http.get.

* Improve V8 support for Cygwin (Bert Belder)

* Fix param parsing. (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Fixed null signal.

* Fix various HTTP and HTTPS bugs

* cmake improvements (Tom Hughes)

* Fix: TLS sockets should not be writable after 'end'

* Fix os.cpus() on cygwin (Brian White)

* MinGW: OpenSSL support (Bert Belder)

* Upgrade V8 to 3.1.5, libev to 4.4.


2011.02.10, Version 0.4.0 (stable)
* require() improvements (isaacs)
  - understand package.json (isaacs)
  - look for 'node_modules' dir

* cmake fixes (Daniel Gröber)

* http: fix buffer writes to outgoing messages (Russell Haering)

* Expose UCS-2 Encoding (Konstantin Käfer)

* Support strings for octal modes (isaacs)

* Support array-ish args to Buffer ctor (isaacs)

* cygwin and mingw improvements (Bert Belder)

* TLS improvements

* Fewer syscalls during require (Bert Belder, isaacs)

* More DTrace probes (Bryan Cantrill,  Robert Mustacchi)

* 'pipe' event on pipe() (Mikeal Rogers)

* CRL support in TLS (Theo Schlossnagle)

* HTTP header manipulation methods (Tim Caswell, Charlie Robbins)

* Upgrade V8 to 3.1.2


2011.02.04, Version 0.3.8 (unstable)
* Add req.abort() for client side requests.

* Add exception.code for easy testing:
  Example: if (err.code == 'EADDRINUSE');

* Add process.stderr.

* require.main is the main module. (Isaac Schlueter)

* dgram: setMulticastTTL, setMulticastLoopback and addMembership.
  (Joe Walnes)

* Fix throttling in TLS connections

* Add socket.bufferSize

* MinGW improvements (Bert Belder)

* Upgrade V8 to 3.1.1


2011.01.27, Version 0.3.7 (unstable)
* Expose agent in http and https client. (Mikeal Rogers)

* Fix bug in http request's end method. (Ali Farhadi)

* MinGW: better net support (Bert Belder)

* should set FD_CLOEXEC

* DTrace probes (Bryan Cantrill)

* REPL fixes and improvements (isaacs, Bert Belder)

* Fix many bugs with legacy http.Client interface

* Deprecate process.assert. Use require('assert').ok

* Add callback parameter to socket.setTimeout(). (Ali Farhadi)

* Fixing bug in http request default encoding (Ali Farhadi)

* require: A module ID with a trailing slash must be a dir.

* Add ext_key_usage to getPeerCertificate (Greg Hughes)

* Error when child_process.exec hits maxBuffer.

* Fix option parsing in tls.connect()

* Upgrade to V8 3.0.10


2011.01.21, Version 0.3.6 (unstable)
* REPL and other improvements on MinGW (Bert Belder)

* listen/bind errors should close net.Server

* New HTTP and HTTPS client APIs

* Upgrade V8 to 3.0.9


2011.01.16, Version 0.3.5 (unstable)
* Built-in debugger improvements.

* Add setsid, setuid, setgid options to child_process.spawn
  (Isaac Schlueter)

* tty module improvements.

* Upgrade libev to 4.3, libeio to latest, c-ares to 1.7.4

* Allow third party hooks before main module load.
  (See 496be45)

* Don't stat() on cached modules. (Felix Geisendörfer)


2011.01.08, Version 0.3.4 (unstable)
* Primordal mingw build (Bert Belder)

* HTTPS server

* Built in debugger 'node debug script.js'

* realpath files during module load (Mihai Călin Bazon)

* Rename net.Stream to net.Socket (existing name will continue to be

* Fix process.platform


2011.01.02, Version 0.3.3 (unstable)
* TLS improvements.

* url.parse(url, true) defaults query field to {} (Jeremy Martin)

* Upgrade V8 to 3.0.4

* Handle ECONNABORT properly (Theo Schlossnagle)

* Fix memory leaks (Tom Hughes)

* Add os.cpus(), os.freemem(), os.totalmem(), os.loadavg() and other
  functions for OSX, Linux, and Cygwin. (Brian White)

* Fix REPL syntax error bug (GH-543), improve how REPL commands are

* Use process.stdin instead of process.openStdin().

* Disable TLS tests when node doesn't have OpenSSL.


2010.12.30, Version 0.2.6
* Make sure raw mode is disabled when exiting a terminal-based REPL.
  (Brian White)

* Fix OpenSSL SSL_library_init function check on OpenBSD.
  (Brian White)

* Fix test-http-allow-req-after-204-res.js

* Fix length of arguments emitted by EventEmitter (Jeremy Martin)

* Fix unhandled ECONNABORTED (Theo Schlossnagle)

* Default to gcc for V8 build on Solaris (Trent Mick)

* Fix various memory leaks (Tom Hughes)

* Apple's threaded write()s bug (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)


2010.12.16, Version 0.3.2 (unstable)
* Rip out the old (broken) TLS implementation introduce new tested
  implementation and API. See docs. HTTPS not supported in this release.

* Introduce 'os' and 'tty' modules.

* Callback parameters for socket.write() and socket.connect().

* Support CNAME lookups in DNS module. (Ben Noordhuis)

* cmake support (Tom Hughes)

* 'make lint'

* oprofile support (./configure --oprofile)

* Lots of bug fixes, including:
  - Memory leak in ChildProcess:Spawn(). (Tom Hughes)
  - buffer.slice(0, 0)
  - Global variable leaks
  - clearTimeouts calling multiple times (Michael W)
  - utils.inspect's detection of circular structures (Tim Cooijmans)
  - Apple's threaded write()s bug (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)
  - Make sure raw mode is disabled when exiting a terminal-based REPL.
    (Brian White)

* Deprecate process.compile, process.ENV

* Upgrade V8 to 3.0.3, upgrade http-parser.


2010.11.16, Version 0.2.5
* Add ref to buffer during fs.write and Sometimes buffers
  would be GCed before making it to the thread pool.

* Fix http buffer pushing bug:

* Gracefully handle EMFILE and server.maxConnections

* "node --eval" evals in the global scope. (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* Handle cyclic links smarter in fs.realpath (isaacs, Issue #167)

* Rewrite libeio After callback to use req->result instead of req->errorno
  for error checking (Micheil Smith)

* Removed range read optimization as it doesn't work with libeio. (Chandra
  Sekar S)

* Make writes to process.env update the real environment (Ben Noordhuis)

* Set FD_CLOEXEC flag on stdio FDs before spawning. (Guillaume Tuton)

* Upgrade http-parser

* Readline: Switch \n with \r\n for all strings printed out.
  Simplify displayPrompt

* Fix segfault on test-crypto

* Add --profile flag to configure script, enables gprof profiling. (Ben

* writeFileSync could exhibit pathological behavior when a buffer could
  not be written to the file in a single write() call. (isaacs)

* Fix OS::GetExecutablePath for platform_none shouldn't return garbage.


2010.11.16, Version 0.3.1 (unstable)
* TLS improvments (Paul Querna)
  - Centralize error handling in SecureStream
  - Add SecurePair for handling of a ssl/tls stream.

* New documentation organization (Micheil Smith)

* allowHalfOpen TCP connections disabled by default.

* Add C++ API for constructing fast buffer from string

* Move idle timers into its own module

* Gracefully handle EMFILE and server.maxConnections

* make "node --eval" eval in the global scope.
  (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* Let exit listeners know the exit code (isaacs)

* Handle cyclic links smarter in fs.realpath (isaacs)

* Remove node-repl (just use 'node' without args)

* Rewrite libeio After callback to use req->result instead of req->errorno
  for error checking (Micheil Smith)

* Remove warning about deprecating 'sys' - too aggressive

* Make writes to process.env update the real environment. (Ben Noordhuis)

* Set FD_CLOEXEC flag on stdio FDs before spawning. (Guillaume Tuton)

* Move ev_loop out of javascript

* Switch \n with \r\n for all strings printed out.

* Added support for cross compilation (Rasmus Andersson)

* Add --profile flag to configure script, enables gprof profiling.
  (Ben Noordhuis)

* writeFileSync could exhibit pathological behavior when a buffer
  could not be written to the file in a single write() call.

* new path.join behavior (isaacs)
  - Express desired path.join behavior in tests.
  - Update fs.realpath to reflect new path.join behavior
  - Update url.resolve() to use new path.join behavior.

* API: Move process.binding('evals') to require('vm')

* Fix V8 build on Cygwin (Bert Belder)

* Add ref to buffer during fs.write and

* Fix segfault on test-crypto

* Upgrade http-parser to latest and V8 to 2.5.3


2010.10.24, Version 0.2.4
* Add --eval to command line options (TJ Holowaychuk)

* net fixes
  - TCP clients buffer writes before connection
  - Don't flush net writeQueue on end() if its still connecting
    (Joshua Peek)
  - Do not spin on aceept() with EMFILE

* Add --max-stack-size flag. (Tom Hughes)

* Fixes to child_process.exec (timeouts and proper termination)
  Default to SIGTERM instead of SIGKILL.

* Add signal handlers so we clean up before exiting. (Tom Hughes)

* Fix parsing of linux memory (Vitali Lovich)

* http-parser: Allow whitespace in the 'Content-Length' header.
  (Nathan Rajlich)

* Add flag to disable colors in REPL


2010.10.23, Version 0.3.0 (unstable)
* Bugfix: Do not spin on aceept() with EMFILE

* Improvments to readline.js (Trent Mick, Johan Euphrosine, Brian White)

* Safe constructors (missing 'new' doesn't segfault)

* Fix process.nextTick so thrown errors don't confuse it.
  (Benjamin Thomas)

* Allow Strings for ports on net.Server.listen (Bradley Meck)

* fs bugfixes (Tj Holowaychuk, Tobie Langel, Marco Rogers, isaacs)

* http bug fixes (Fedor Indutny, Mikeal Rogers)

* Faster buffers; breaks C++ API (Tim-Smart, Stéphan Kochen)

* crypto, tls improvements (Paul Querna)

* Add lfs flags to node addon script

* Simpler querystring parsing; breaks API (Peter Griess)

* HTTP trailers (Mark Nottingham)

* http 100-continue support (Mark Nottingham)

* Module system simplifications (Herbert Vojčík, isaacs, Tim-Smart)
  - remove require.async
  - remove registerExtension, add .extensions
  - expose require.resolve
  - expose require.cache
  - require looks in  node_modules folders

* Add --eval command line option (TJ Holowaychuk)

* Commas last in sys.inspect

* Constatnts moved from process object to require('constants')

* Fix parsing of linux memory (Vitali Lovich)

* inspect shows function names (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* uncaughtException corner cases (Felix Geisendörfer)

* TCP clients now buffer writes before connection

* Rename sys module to 'util' (Micheil Smith)

* Properly set stdio handlers to blocking on SIGTERM and SIGINT
  (Tom Hughes)

* Add destroy methods to HTTP messages

* base64 improvements (isaacs, Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* API for defining REPL commands (Sami Samhuri)

* child_process.exec timeout fix (Aaron Heckmann)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.5.1, Libev to 4.00, libeio, http-parser


libev, libeio config.h files don't depend on arch


2010.10.02, Version 0.2.3
* Fix require in REPL (bug introduced in v0.2.2)

* Pass correct message in client HTTP upgrade event.
  (Fedor Indutny)

* Show function names in sys.inspect (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* In HTTP, close connection on the "connection:close" header.
  (Mikeal Rogers)

* fs.ReadStream bug fixes (Tj Holowaychuk, Evan Larkin, Marco Rogers)

* Fix zero length buffer bug for http res.end()


Fixed 'upgrade' event for httpclient
onend and ondata was cleaning on parser end


2010.09.17, Version 0.2.2
* REPL improvements (Trent Mick)

* Fix bug in fs.realpath (Isaac Schlueter)

* sys.pump catches errors (Russell Haering)


2010.09.10, Version 0.2.1
* REPL improvements (Johan Euphrosine, Brian White)

* nextTick bug fixes (Benjamin Thomas, Felix Geisendörfer,
  Trent Mick)

* fs module bug fixes (Russell Haering, Marco Rogers, Tobie Langel,
  Isaac Schlueter)

* Build script change for OpenEmbedded.

* Most constrctuors work without 'new' now.

* Allow Strings for ports on net.Server.listen (Bradley Meck)

* setInterval(cb, 0) loops infinitely

* Fixes for NODE_MODULE_CONTEXTS=1 (Herbert Vojčík)

* Expose fingerproint from getPeerCertificate (Paul Querna)

* API: forceClose -> destroy for WriteStreams


2010.08.20, Version 0.2.0
* process.title support for FreeBSD, Macintosh, Linux

* Fix OpenSSL 100% CPU usage on error (Illarionov Oleg)

* Implement net.Server.maxConnections.

* Fix process.platform, add process.version.

* Add --without-snapshot configure option.

* Readline REPL improvements (Trent Mick)

* Bug fixes.

* Upgrade V8 to 2.3.8


2010.08.13, Version 0.1.104
* Various bug fixes (console, querystring, require)

* Set cwd for child processes (Bert Belder)

* Tab completion for readline (Trent Mick)

* process.title getter/setter for OSX, Linux, Cygwin.
	(Rasmus Andersson, Bert Belder)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.3.6


2010.08.04, Version 0.1.103
* Implement keep-alive for http.Client (Mikeal Rogers)

* base64 fixes. (Ben Noordhuis)

* Fix --debug-brk (Danny Coates)

* Don't let path.normalize get above the root. (Isaac Schlueter)

* Allow signals to be used with process.on in addition to
  process.addListener. (Brian White)

* Globalize the Buffer object

* Use kqueue on recent macintosh builds

* Fix addrlen for unix_dgram sockets (Benjamin Kramer)

* Fix stats.isDirectory() and friends (Benjamin Kramer)

* Upgrade http-parser, V8 to 2.3.5


2010.07.25, Version 0.1.102
* base64 encoding for Buffers.

* Buffer support for Cipher, Decipher, Hmac, Sign and Verify
  (Andrew Naylor)

* Support for reading byte ranges from files using fs.createReadStream.
  (Chandra Sekar)

* Fix Buffer.toString() on 0-length slices. (Peter Griess)

* Cache modules based on filename rather than ID (Isaac Schlueter)

* querystring improvments (Jan Kassens, Micheil Smith)

* Support DEL in the REPL. (Jérémy Lal)

* Upgrade http-parser, upgrade V8 to 2.3.2


2010.07.16, Version 0.1.101
* Added env to child_process.exec (Сергей Крыжановский)

* Allow modules to optionally be loaded in separate contexts
  with env var NODE_MODULE_CONTEXTS=1.

* setTTL and setBroadcast for dgram (Matt Ranney)

* Use execPath for default NODE_PATH, not installPrefix
  (Isaac Schlueter)

* Support of console.dir + console.assert (Jerome Etienne)

* on() as alias to addListener()

* Use javascript port of Ronn to build docs (Jérémy Lal)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.3.0


2010.07.03, Version 0.1.100
* process.execPath (Marshall Culpepper)

* sys.pump (Mikeal Rogers)

* Remove ini and mjsunit libraries.

* Introduce console.log() and friends.

* Switch order of arguments for Buffer.write (Blake Mizerany)

* On overlapping buffers use memmove (Matt Ranney)

* Resolve .local domains with getaddrinfo()

* Upgrade http-parser, V8 to 2.2.21


2010.06.21, Version 0.1.99
* Datagram sockets (Paul Querna)

* fs.writeFile could not handle utf8 (Felix Geisendörfer)
  and now accepts Buffers (Aaron Heckmann)

* Fix crypto memory leaks.

* A replacement for decodeURIComponent that doesn't throw.
  (Isaac Schlueter)

* Only concatenate some incoming HTTP headers. (Peter Griess)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.18


in sync with ry's v0.1.98


2010.06.11, Version 0.1.98
* Port to Windows/Cygwin (Raffaele Sena)

* File descriptor passing on unix sockets. (Peter Griess)

* Simple, builtin readline library. REPL is now entered by
  executing "node" without arguments.

* Add a parameter to spawn() that sets the child's stdio file

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.16, http-parser fixes, upgrade c-ares to 1.7.3.


ry's v0.1.97 plus v8 2.2.13


2010.05.29, Version 0.1.97
* HTTP throttling: outgoing messages emit 'drain' and write() returns false
  when send buffer is full.

* API: readFileSync without encoding argument now returns a Buffer

* Improve Buffer C++ API; addons now compile with debugging symbols.

* Improvements to  path.extname() and REPL; add fs.chown().

* fs.ReadStream now emits buffers, fs.readFileSync returns buffers.

* Bugfix: parsing HTTP responses to HEAD requests.

* Port to OpenBSD.

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.12, libeio, http-parser.


2010.05.21, Version 0.1.96
* Thrown errors in http and socket call back get bubbled up.

* Add fs.fsync (Andrew Johnston)

* Bugfix: signal unregistering (Jonas Pfenniger)

* Added better error messages for async and sync fs calls with paths
  (TJ Holowaychuk)

* Support arrays and strings in buffer constructor.
  (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Fix errno reporting in DNS exceptions.

* Support buffers in fs.WriteStream.write.

* Bugfix: Safely decode a utf8 streams that are broken on a multbyte
  character (http and net). (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Make Buffer's C++ constructor public.

* Deprecate sys.p()

* FIX path.dirname('/tmp') => '/'. (Jonathan Rentzsch)


2010.05.13, Version 0.1.95
* Change GC idle notify so that it runs alongside setInterval

* Install node_buffer.h on make install

* fs.readFile returns Buffer by default (Tim Caswell)

* Fix error reporting in child_process callbacks

* Better logic for testing if an argument is a port

* Improve error reporting (single line "node.js:176:9" errors)

* Bugfix: Some http responses being truncated (appeared in 0.1.94)

* Fix long standing net idle timeout bugs. Enable 2 minute timeout
  by default in HTTP servers.

* Add fs.fstat (Ben Noordhuis)

* Upgrade to V8 2.2.9
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