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Salsa is a simple yet very smart and flexible fluid layout system.
It uses the power of Sass to provide a lightweight and semantic output.
Salsa is perfect for both simple and complex layouts.
if you want just a simple grid, if you have a grid with an off-grid element, or if you just hate grids - Salsa is just what you need.

Salsa was originaly created as the layout system that powers Sasson v3.x so you could also call it Sasson's Awesome Layout System... Awesome!


Because it sounds better then Sals.

Getting started


Install the gem and create a new project:

sudo gem install salsa
compass create PROJECT -r salsa --using salsa

Add to an existing project:

sudo gem install salsa
# edit the project configuration file and add:
require 'salsa'
# From your project directory
compass install salsa
# Import it in your style sheet
@import "salsa"

OR you can just take the /sass folder from here, put it in your project and @import "sass/salsa".


Not much yet, but the code is very well commented, quickly going through the comments will get you started in no-time.
Knowing the settings and how to use the span() and the container mixins will be enough for most cases, read about those first.

Documentation and more examples are coming, stay tuned.

Browser support

Salsa will work fine on IE8 and better.
If you want to support IE7 (you don't) you'll have to add a box-sizing polyfill, and tell Salsa where it is.


Credit for the inspiration goes mostly to Susy and Zen grids.
I believe Salsa manage to combine the best of both in a much simpler system.
Salsa was created to power Sasson's layout system by Tsachi Shlidor (@shlidor).


Salsa is open-source, licensed under the GNU General Public License.