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Commits on Jan 25, 2017
  1. A really basic web remote

    Hardcoded presets right now instead of querying and displaying.  No live
    status updates.  Really basic ugly UI.
    committed Jan 25, 2017
Commits on Jan 22, 2017
  1. Dangling changes... I guess I'll commit them

    committed Jan 22, 2017
Commits on Apr 5, 2015
  1. Sometimes 0.2s isn't enough...

    committed Apr 5, 2015
Commits on Dec 13, 2014
  1. stream: Fallback to whatever's playing when no source is asked for

    ... and Spotify can't be found.
    This requires even less thinking to bounce audio over to the speakers!
    committed Dec 13, 2014
Commits on Dec 10, 2014
  1. Support finding sink inputs by app binary name too

    Firefox, for some strange reason, has a client id of CubebUtils, but the
    binary name is firefox.
    committed Dec 10, 2014
Commits on Nov 17, 2014
Commits on Oct 11, 2014
  1. Include *all* the dependencies in the cpanfile

    `scan-perl-prereqs .` apparently doesn't scan the same files as
    `scan-perl-prereqs *`.  Sigh.
    committed Oct 11, 2014
Commits on Oct 9, 2014
  1. Avoid undef warnings

    committed Oct 9, 2014
Commits on Jul 9, 2014
  1. Only discover UPnP devices once per invocation

    This cuts discovery time in half.
    committed Jul 9, 2014
  2. Use high-resolution timeouts reduced to the minimums required

    This dramatically speeds up running the programs, in particular the RCP
    timeout which occurs after every write/read.
    It's possible that the library should just ignore anything after an
    "End" response, but this works too with very little change.
    committed Jul 9, 2014
  3. Always kill and restart rygel; it likes to get stuck in weird states

    Weird states where it says it's accepting a stream but doesn't actually
    send anything to the soundbridge when it gets the request.
    committed Jul 9, 2014
Commits on Sep 5, 2013
  1. Accept `stream +5` and `stream -10` to change the volume

    Less typing for a common operation!
    committed Sep 5, 2013
Commits on Mar 12, 2013
  1. Don't try to close a socket which doesn't exist

    This can happen if the object is destroyed (and DEMOLISH is called)
    before a socket is successfully connected.
    committed Mar 12, 2013
  2. Add a timeout to avoid ever locking up and ACK an OK for Set commands

    This fixes the output from soundbridge-volume.
    committed Mar 12, 2013
Commits on Mar 7, 2013
  1. Don't stop fetching Get* command results after the first line

    No idea why this was there, with the comment!, in the first place.
    Nothing currently existing in the repo seems to depend on it.
    committed Mar 7, 2013
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. Basic power management

    committed Jan 23, 2013
  2. No need to leave our metaclass mutable after we're done

    This isn't any grand class and it's definition won't be modified on the
    fly later.  The upshot is inlined constructors which speed up music
    making it to my ears every so slightly.
    committed Jan 23, 2013
  3. Support volume changes via `stream`

    This allows absolute volume changes or relative +/- inputs.
    committed Jan 23, 2013
  4. Spawn the rygel backend if it's not running

    A bit of a hack, but saves time.
    committed Jan 23, 2013
Commits on Apr 13, 2012