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Installation instructions
Download a tarball from[] or clone the tig
Documentation files are available in the tarballs and in the 'release' branch
of the tig repository.
The quick and simple way to install tig with documentation is to run:
$ make
$ make install install-doc
From tig's git repository it is also possible to install documentation directly
from the release branch to avoid installing the documentation tool chain:
$ make install-release-doc
Optionally, you can use the `configure` script to detect dependencies:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
If your iconv library is not in the default library and include path, you'll
probably want to pass the "--with-libiconv" option to the "configure" script to
tell it where to look. Note, if you are building from the tig repository, you
need to first make the configure script:
$ make configure
Build settings are read from the file "config.make". To manually configure tig
to use the ncurses library with wide character support, add the line:
LDLIBS = -lncursesw
You might also need an additional line to include the proper header file
(see tig.h for more information):
Note for packagers: For tig's configure script to work as expected you
should avoid configuring and building ncurses using "--with-shared".
Release notes documenting notable changes are available in the NEWS file. When
upgrading, you are advised to also read them after you have completed the
The following tools and packages are needed:
|Tool |Description
|git-core |Tig is just a frontend for git.
|ncurses or ncursesw |Be sure to have the development files
installed. Usually they are available in a
separate package ending with `-dev`.
Note also that ncurses with wide character
support (ncursesw) is required to properly
handle UTF-8 encoded strings.
|iconv |If iconv is not provided by the c library
you need to change the Makefile to link it
into the binary.
The following optional tools and packages are needed for creating the
configure script and building documentation:
|Tool |Description
|autoconf |Contains autoreconf for generating configure
|asciidoc (>= 8.4) |Generates HTML and (DocBook) XML from text.
|xmlto |Generates manpages and chunked HTML from XML.
|DocBook XSL (>= 1.72.0) |Used by xmlto for building manpages.
|DocBook (DSSL/Jade) tools |Generates PDF from XML.
Also known as docbook-utils.