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Release notes
Bug fixes:
- Fix diff broken display when using --follow <filename>.
- Reload current branch name when reloading the status view. (GH #93)
- Fix compile errors on old Solaris. (GH #97)
- Disable diff move/copy detection by default, boosting diff
performance on larger projects. Use git config 'diff.renames' option
(git-wide) to set your preferred behavior. Environment variable
TIG_DIFF_OPTS can be used to restore the old behavior.
- Values set for author-width and filename-width will result in widths
one character bigger than previously.
- Typing a text in the prompt will be interpreted as a tig command.
Prefixing the command with a '!' will execute this system command in
an external pager. Entering a single key will execute the
corresponding key binding.
- Basic support for wrapping long line in pager, diff, and stage views.
Enable using: `set wrap-lines = yes`. (GH #2)
- User-defined commands prefixed with a '?' means prompt before
execution. Example: `bind main B !?git rebase -i %(commit)`.
- User-defined commands prefixed with a '<' means exit after execution.
Example: `bind main C !<git commit`. (GH #66)
- User-defined commands are executed unquoted to support shell commands.
Example: `bind generic I !@sh -c "echo -n %(commit) | xclip -selection c"`.
(GH #65)
- Configure case-insensitive searches using: `set ignore-case = yes`.
- Add "deleted mode" line type for better diff coloring.
- Open editor when requesting edit action from within a file diff.
- Update AX_WITH_CURSES to build under Cygwin.
- Improve tigrc(5) documentation. (Debian #682766)
- Allow to build on Mac OS 10.7 without the configure script. (GH #25)
- Add option to split the view vertically instead of horizontally.
Example: `set vertical-split = yes'. (GH #76)
- Add 'show-id' and 'id-width' options to configure the display of
commit IDs in the main view and ID width in the blame view. (GH #77)
- Allow to override git-based encoding to UTF-8 by setting
'i18n.commitencoding' or 'gui.encoding'.
- Improve autobuild support to track generated files and work with
autoreconf 2.61.
- Commit IDs are read from stdin when --stdin is given; works for main
and diff view, e.g. `tig --no-walk --stdin < cherry-picks.txt`.
- Add option to disable focusing of the child view when it's opened.
Disable using: `set focus-child = no`. (GH #83)
- Allow to open blob related with added content in a diff. (GH #91)
Bug fixes:
- Fix commit graph regression when a path spec is specified. (GH #53)
- Main view: only show staged/unstaged changes for the current branch.
- Support submodules created with current version of git. (GH #54)
- Fix diff status message for file diffs with no content changes.
- Fix parent blaming when tig is launched in subdirectory. (GH #70)
- Do not show deleted branch when reloading the branch view.
The master repository is git://, and the old
master repository ( will be retired.
- Use git-log(1)s default commit ordering. The old behavior can be
restored by adding `set commit-order = topo` to ~/.tigrc.
- Support staging of single lines. Bound to '1' default. (GH #21)
- Use +<lineno> to open the initial view at an arbitrary line. (GH #20)
- Add show-notes ~/.tigrc option. Notes are displayed by default.
- Support jumping to specific SHAs in the main view.
- Decorate replaced commits.
- Display line numbers in main view.
- Colorize binary diff stats. (GH #17)
- Custom colorization of lines matching a string prefix (GH #16).
Example configuration: color "Reported-by:" green default
- Use git's color settings for the main, status and diff views.
Put `set read-git-colors = no` in ~/.tigrc to disable.
- Handle editor options with multiple arguments. (GH #12)
- Show filename when running tig blame with copy detection. (GH #19)
- Use 'source <path>' command to load additional files from ~/.tigrc
- User-defined commands prefixed with '@' are run with no console
output, e.g.
bind generic 3 !@rm sys$command
- Make display of space changes togglable in the diff and stage view.
Bound to 'W' by default.
- Use per-file encoding specified in gitattributes(5) for blobs and
unstaged files.
- Obsolete commit-encoding option and pass --encoding=UTF-8 to revision
- Main view: show uncommitted changes as staged/unstaged commits.
Can be disabled by putting `set show-changes = no` in ~/.tigrc.
- Add %(prompt) external command variable, which will prompt for the
argument value.
- Log information about git commands when the TIG_TRACE environment
variable is set. Example: `TIG_TRACE=/tmp/tig.log tig`
- Branch view: Show the title of the last commit.
- Increase the author auto-abbreviation threshold to 10. (GH #49)
- For old commits show number of years in relative dates. (GH #50)
Bug fixes:
- Fix navigation behavior when going from branch to main view. (GH #38)
- Fix segfault when sorting the tree view by author name.
- Fix diff stat navigation for unmodified files with stat changes.
- Show branches/refs which names are a substring of the current branch.
- Stage view: fix off-by-one error when jumping to a file in a diff
with only one file.
- Fix diff-header colorization. (GH #15)
- Remove support for the deprecated TIG_{MAIN,DIFF,LOG,TREE,BLOB}_CMD
environment variables.
- Pressing enter on diff stat file lines will jump to file's diff.
- Naïvely color blame IDs to distinguish lines.
- Document palette color options used for revision graph and blame IDs.
- Add support for blaming diff lines.
- Add diff-context option and bindings to increase the diff context in
the diff and stage view.
- (GH-6) Make blame configurable via extra options passed from the command
line and blame-options setting from ~/.tigrc. For example:
set blame-options = -C -C -C
Bug fixes:
- Expand browsing state variables for prompt. (LP #694780, Debian #635546)
- Fix segfault when sorting the branch view by author.
- Expand %(directory) to . for the root directory. (GH-3)
- Accept 'utf-8' for the line-graphics option as indicated in the docs.
- Use erasechar() to check for the correct backspace character.
- Start rewrite of the revision graph renderer. Three modes are
supported UTF-8, ncurses line graphics, and ASCII. Also, enable
revision graph rendering by default.
Bug fixes:
- Fix ncurses 5.8 issue by passing non-zero column size to newwin().
- Fix opening of diffs when browsing branches.
Bug fixes:
- Fix regression causing empty tree view.
- Fix set_tabsize() compile error for older versions of ncurses.
- Add scroll-first-col action to jump to the first column. Bound to '|'
by default.
- Add 'status-untracked-dirs' option to ignore unknown directories
contents in the status view. On by default.
Bug fixes:
- Fix 'tig show <commit>' to show the provided commit.
- Fix problem with empty diff views when file specs were passed on the
command line.
- Fix segfault when starting tig in pager mode.
- Encode everything internally as UTF-8. This can affect performance,
but should in general improve handling of character lengths etc.
Also, to properly handle UTF-8 environments use ncurses with wide
character support.
- The use of TIG_{MAIN,DIFF,LOG,TREE,BLOB}_CMD environment variables
has been deprecated. To allow configuration of the diff view,
TIG_DIFF_OPTS can be used.
- Plug several memory leaks.
- Command line arguments are split into diff, revision, and file
arguments and made available as %(diffargs), %(revargs), and
%(fileargs). Diff view will limit diffs using %(fileargs).
- Status view: update the file variable when a line is selected so
%(file) works as expected.
- Branch view: add %(branch) symbol providing access to the selected
- Branch view: add entry to browse all branches (uses git-log's --all
- Abbreviation of author names can now be configured and toggled.
- Mark detached heads with [HEAD].
- Add support for displaying dates in local time.
Bug fixes:
- Status view: fix usage from sub directories, which was broken by the
changes made to support blame view from sub directories.
- Fix text expansion to not truncate long lines
- Fix parsing of boolean show-date values.
- Fix relative date.
- Fix unbind to behave as if the keybinding was never defined.
- Fix unbind to also cover built-in run requests.
- Fix parsing of unknown keymap names.
- Blame view: fix parent blame to detect renames. It uses "previous"
line info from the blame porcelain output added in git version 1.6.3.
- Setting the cursor color no longer automatically sets the text to
bold. The old 'lazy' behavior was a bug.
- Remove check for git-repo-config, which was officially deprecated in
git version 1.5.4. The configure script no longer depends on git
being installed.
- Provide the manual as a man page named tigmanual(7).
- Add ability to toggle between showing shorter dates (without time
info) and relative dates. Use 'D' to toggle between date formats.
- Show the active (instead of the default) keybindings in the help
view. Furthermore, honor the keymap when suggesting actions in the
help messages.
- Add branch view for choosing which branch to display in the main
view. Bound to 'H' by default.
- Tree view: show entry to parent directory ('..') when running from
- Tree view: sort entries by name, date or author. Toggling is bound to
'i' by default, with 'I' controlling whether or not to sort in
ascending order.
- Make height of the lower view in a split view configurable by setting
the 'split-view-height' variable to a number or a percentage.
Defaults to 2/3 of the total view height.
- Allow multiple text attributes for color commands:
color cursor white blue underline bold
Bug fixes:
- Blame view: fix loading of blame data when opened from the tree view
and CWD is not the repo root. (Debian bug 540766)
- Tree view: fix searching.
- Status view: improve "on branch" information inspired by the prompt
code in git's bash completion script.
- Colors for 256-capable terminals can be specified as colorN.
- Entering a number in the prompt will jump to that line number.
- Handle core.worktree by setting GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE.
- Make behavior of horizontal scrolling configurable by setting the
'horizontal-scroll' variable to a number or a percentage. Defaults to
scrolling 50% of the view width.
Bug fixes:
- Status view: show error when failing to open a file.
- Status view: report failures to update a file.
- Blame view: fix problem with uninitialized variable.
- Blame view: use line number information when loading blame for
specific commit.
- Fix handling of quoted strings in the config file.
- Fix horizontal scrolling glitches.
- The screen-resize action has been deprecated. It had no real use for
users and was never meant to be exposed.
- The "tree-parent" action was renamed to "parent". Warnings will be
emitted for transition.
- Remove parsing of deprecated option -S and subcommands log and diff.
- The "author" color replaces "main-author". Setting the latter will
now set the "author" color.
- Horizontal scrolling. Bound to Left/Right by default.
- Read tigrc(5) options from git configuration files using the syntax:
[tig] show-rev-graph = true
[tig "color"] cursor = yellow red bold
[tig "bind"] generic = P parent
- Tree view: avoid flickering when updating.
- Tree view: annotate entries with commit information.
- Tree & blob view: open any blob in an editor.
- Stage & main view: restore view position when reloading.
- Blame view: load blame for parent commit. For merge commits the parent
is queried. Bound to ',' by default via the existing "parent" action.
- Abbreviate author names to initials when the width of the author column
is below 6 characters.
Bug fixes:
- Tree view: fix memory corruption bug when updating.
- Tree view: improve handling of empty trees.
- Status view: fix reverting of unmerged files.
- Fix regression for non-UTF-8 locales corrupting the view data.
- Fix regression parsing multiple spaces in ~/.tigrc.
- Commands from the environment (e.g. TIG_MAIN_CMD) will no longer have
access to shell features, such as subshells and variable expansion.
The easiest way to upgrade your configuration is to put such commands
in a script file or as a git alias.
- Display repository references in the sorted order: tags, heads,
tracked remotes, remotes.
- Add bash completion for blame.
- Tree view: edit files of the current branch.
- Run requests: new identifiers %(directory), %(file), and %(ref)
- Improve responsiveness and view loading speed by using select(2).
Bug fixes:
- Separate blame revision and file argument by "--" to avoid problems.
- Main view: fix redrawing of the last commit wrt. the revision graph.
- Fix waiting for input after executing a run request in pager mode.
- Status & stage view: refuse to open directories and deleted files.
- Tree view: show error when requesting blame for all non-file entries.
- Do not draw loading views, which are not displayed.
- Fix launching of mergetool from a subdirectory.
- Status view: revert uncommitted diff chunks and unstaged files with
changes. Bound to '!' by default.
- Main view: use --topo-order also when rev-list arguments are given on
the command line.
- Log view: support for refreshing.
Bug fixes:
- Status view: use ls-files' --exclude-standard so user specific ignore
rules are effective. The option was added in git version 1.5.4.
- Stage view: fix assertion failure triggered when updating while
status view is not displayed.
- Help view: avoid confusion by showing "(no key)" instead of "'?'" for
unbound requests.
- Reload repository references when refreshing the main (and log) view.
- Do not maximize views when refreshing.
- F5 also refreshes the current view.
- Allow line graphics to be disabled with new line-graphics option.
- Main view: also include the reference names when searching.
- Main view: support for refreshing.
- Main view: disable boundary commits by default. Use --boundary when
they should be shown. (Debian bug 498628)
- Stage view: add stage-next action to jump to next diff chunk that can
be staged. By default bound to '@'.
- Configure: check for the ncurses header files.
- Add author-width option to customize the width of the author column.
For example, put the following in ~/.tigrc: set author-width = 10
Bug fixes:
- Fix regression when staging all diff chunks in a section.
- Bind the maximize view action to 'O'; it conflicted with the
keybinding to launch the merge tool in the status view.
- Fix problem with $(cmd) usage in shell code. Some shells (jsh)
installed as /bin/sh does not support it.
- Do not show incomplete boundary commits when --no-walk is used.
- Documentation: Rename gitlink macro to support AsciiDoc 8.2.3.
- Ignore pipe reads with errno "Success" reported after a signals,
for example when refreshing doing background loading.
- Remove parsing of deprecated options: -g, -l, -d.
- The first seen '--' will stop option parsing and is passed to git
instead of breaking out of tig's option parsing.
New features:
- Blame view; bound to 'B' by default, reachable from the command line
and the tree, status, and stage views.
- Blame/main view: allow display of date, author, and references to be
toggled on/off. Bound to 'D', 'A', and 'F' respectively.
- Add action to maximize the current view.
- Show the current branch in the status view.
- Show local/light-weight tags.
Bug fixes:
- Fix regressions for the pager mode.
- Fix refreshing of the index with working directory info.
- Status view: detect renamed files and show them with 'R'.
- Status view: refresh the index to avoid "empty diffs".
- Diff view: make diff headers more verbose to include e.g. committer.
- Configure: check for the ncursesw library.
Bug fixes:
- Fix UTF-8 handling for tag names and commit messages.
- Fix the check for git-config(1) in configure to handle the case when
git has been installed using a libexecdir which is not in the path.
- Fix replacing of SYSCONFDIR when installing from released tarballs.
- Deprecate most tig specific command line options to make tig more
compatible with gitk. The deprecated options are: -g, -l, -d, and -S.
Use of any of them will result in a warning being printed to stderr.
Instead of '-S', use the new 'status' subcommand.
- Make man page building depend on DocBook XSL version >= 1.72.0.
- Install man pages in $(prefix)/share/man.
- Implement the cherry pick action (bound to 'C') using new support for
running external commands. This obsoletes the TIG_CHEERY_PICK
environment variable
New features:
- Add support for binding keys to external commands. To bind '.' to
running git-commit(1), add the line: "bind generic . !git commit" to
your ~/.tigrc. Each command can have replacement string such as
%(commit), %(head), and %(blob), which are substituted before the
command is run.
- Add system-wide configuration file defaulting to $(prefix)/etc/tigrc.
- Add the environment variables TIGRC_USER and TIGRC_SYSTEM to change
user and system-wide configuration files, respectively.
- Main view: color the revision graph.
- Main view: show boundary commits; they are marked with '^' in the
revision graph.
- Tree view: add tree-parent action to jump to view of the parent tree.
Bound to ',' by default.
- Allow the default terminal colors to be overwritten. To use black
text on white, add the line "color default white black" to your
- Misc. documentation improvements.
Bug fixes:
- Use git-diff-index(1) and git-diff-files(1) instead of git-diff(1) to
avoid running external diff drivers.
- Use --no-color when calling git-log(1).
- Fix crash when opening mergetool for lines that are not unmerged.
- Make the clean rule to never remove generated documentation files.
Use the distclean rule for accomplishing this.
New features:
- Add support for cherry-picking commits in the main view to the
current branch. Bound to 'C' by default.
- Add support for launching git-mergetool(1) from the status view.
Bound to 'M' by default.
- Add support for refreshing/reloading the status view
- Detect working trees and disable the status view when it is missing.
Bug fixes:
- Fix iconv() checking in configure.
- Fix editor invocation to make paths relative to the project root.
- Fix out-of-range current line when reloading the status view.
- Include autoconf files in the tarball generated by `make dist`.
New features:
- Add bash completion script for tig (contrib/tig-completion.bash).
- Add optional autoconf-based build infrastructure.
- Add stage view for showing changes in the working tree and add
support for staging individual diff chunks for commit.
- Status view: allow all files in a section to be staged for commit.
- Status view: Add support for opening files in an editor. Bound to 'e'
by default.
- Tree view: use a stack for remembering the lines for parent tree.
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