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\\b in a pattern isn't \b

Require the start of line or any character not a slash before a \b to be
translated into vim's syntax.  Technically not 100% correct as it'll
false negative on \\\b, but that's OK for now.  I haven't run into it in
practice unlike the bug fixed by this change.
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1 parent 8253ee7 commit 7d31a584ccaaf81ea307fea9439489b04be3789b @tsibley committed
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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ for (@ARGV) {
# characters are < and >
my $vimpat = $_;
$vimpat =~ s{([<>=@!%/&])}{\\$1}g;
- $vimpat =~ s{\\b}{\\W\\@=}g; # translate Perl's \b to \W\@= for vim
+ $vimpat =~ s{(^|(?<=[^\\]))\\b}{\\W\\@=}g; # translate Perl's \b to \W\@= for vim
push @vimopts, '+1', '+/\v'.$vimpat;

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