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This is the source code for the website

I want to make an overhaul of the site.  The front page is drab and
boring and you can't find anything.

I'd like to get the content in the current page (because there is
only one page on the entire site) split up into the following pages.

* Front page
    * Screenshots (That I don't have yet)
    * Top 10 reasons to use ack
    * Testimonials

* Installation
    * How to install
    * ack for Textmate users

* Community
    * Mailing list signups

* Documentation
    * Manual
    * FAQ
    * Ack's command flags
    * Ack's recognized filetypes

* Community

* Other tools (see below)

I figure each of those can be a different page, with five different
tabs on the front.

The "Other tools" is going to be a page about other ack-like tools.
I don't have any content for that page, so we don't have to create
the page.  Just know that we need to account for it.