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WoW addon to allow Juggernaut officers to perform in-game LF comparisons
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JuggyCompare is a World of Warcraft addon that makes Juggernaut's Loot Factor data available to officers in-game. This allows more informed loot decisions without forcing each officer to tab out to the website, compare any number of members who sent on an item, and then tabbing back to discuss their opinion with other officers.

The loot factor data is pulled from JuggyCompare_Data.lua, and I've included an example of the expected format in case you want to try to replicate it. But only Juggernaut officers have access to the real data that we use.



Performs several functions related to attendance and loot recording:

  • Adds a command to copy a list of everyone in the raid (/att)
  • Adds a command to copy a list of loot on a corpse (/lc)
  • Adds functionality to broadcast and receive information about loot on a corpse. In case the person responsible for recording loot can't be in the raid, this allows them to still use the same copy & paste method instead of typing in item names by hand.


Handles all things comparison-related.


Stores the data used in the comparison. Ideally pulled daily from a website before raids.

Example format JuggyCompare_Data = { ["updated"] = "August 30, 2009 00:00",

  ["Tsigo"] = {
    ["NAME"]     = "Tsigo",
    ["RANK"]     = "Officer",
    ["RAIDS_30"] = "100%",
    ["RAIDS_90"] = "100%",
    ["RAIDS_LT"] = "100%",
    ["LASTLOOT"] = "2009-08-30",
    ["LF"]       = "0.00",
    ["SLF"]      = "0.00",
    ["BISLF"]    = "0.00",


Contains a list of "nicknames" for members. Useful if someone is constantly mis-typing someone's name, or if a member changes their name and officers are still using the old one out of habit. Note that this shouldn't be used for abbreviation of names, as the core JuggyCompare has functionality to match partial names.

Examle format JuggyCompare_Nicks = { methos = "Baud", kamien = "Tsigo", }

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