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kind: pipeline
name: default
# Build the blobstash binary
- name: build
image: golang:latest
- go install -mod=vendor
- mkdir bin
- cp -r $GOPATH/bin/blobstash bin/blobstash
# Run the unit test suite
- name: test
image: golang:latest
- go test -v -mod=vendor ./...
# Integration tests against a running instance with blobstash-python
- name: integration_test
image: python:3
- pip install git+
# FIXME(tsileo): import the new tests from blobstash-base
# - python3 integration_tests/
# Add blobstash the PATH before we can run the tests
- export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/bin
- python3 integration_tests/
kind: signature
hmac: 051666378d265eae7935375e2dd8fd1f3da93358131f246a11a4c72c59786287
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