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kind: pipeline
name: default
- name: test
image: ocaml/opam2:4.07
- sudo apt update
- sudo apt install -y libgmp-dev perl pkg-config libssl-dev m4
- sudo chown -R opam .
- git -C /home/opam/opam-repository pull origin && opam update
- opam pin add ssl 0.5.5
- opam pin add ocaml 4.07.1
- opam pin add ocaml-base-compiler 4.07.1
- opam pin add odate
- opam install --unlock-base -y opium lwt_ppx stdint dolog alcotest lwt irmin-unix odate omd mustache yaml lwt_ssl lambdasoup dune
- eval $(opam config env)
- export CONDUIT_TLS=openssl
# Build the entriespub binary
- make
# Unit tests
- dune runtest
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