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Tiny ActivityPub framework written in Python, both database and server agnostic.
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Little Boxes

Build Status License Code style: black

Tiny ActivityPub framework written in Python, both database and server agnostic.

Still in early development, and not published on PyPI yet.

Until a first version is released, the main goal of this framework is to power the microblog engine.


  • Database and server agnostic
    • You need to implement a backend that respond to activity side-effects
    • This also mean you're responsible for serving the activities/collections and receiving them
  • ActivityStreams helper classes
    • with Outbox/Inbox abstractions
  • Content helper using Markdown
    • with helpers for parsing hashtags and linkify content
  • Key (RSA) helper
  • HTTP signature helper
  • JSON-LD signature helper
  • Webfinger helper

Getting Started

from little_boxes import activitypub as ap

from mydb import db_client

class MyBackend(ap.Backend):

    def __init__(self, db_connection):
        self.db_connection = db_connection    

    def inbox_new(self, as_actor: ap.Person, activity: ap.Activity) -> None:
        # Save activity as "as_actor"
        # [...]

    def post_to_remote_inbox(self, as_actor: ap.Person, payload: ap.ObjectType, recipient: str) -> None:
        # Send the activity to the remote actor
        # [...]

db_con = db_client()
my_backend = MyBackend(db_con)


me = ap.Person({})  # Init an actor
outbox = ap.Outbox(me)

follow = ap.Follow(, object='http://iri-i-want-follow')

Projects using Little Boxes


TODO: document Mypy, flake8 and black.

PRs are welcome, please open an issue to start a discussion before your start any work.


ISC, see the LICENSE file.

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