Small demo of using Pusher or Slanger with Play Framework 2.0
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Play 2.0 demo application using WebSockets via Pusher/Slanger...

It uses stuff from :

Getting it to work on OSX Lion

Before I forget, to get Slanger working on my MacBook Pro with OSX Lion and be able to work locally :

  • XCode latest version + command line tools
  • Homebrew to easily get wget :p

Installing Redis

Install Redis witch is necessary for Slanger (see ) :

wget (other version)
tar xzf redis-2.4.14.tar.gz
cd redis-2.4.14
make test
sudo mv src/redis-server /usr/bin
sudo mv src/redis-cli /usr/bin
mkdir ~/.redis
mv redis.conf ~/.redis

Installing Ruby (if you don't have it already)

Be sure to have ruby installed, with version 1.9.2-p290 or greater ... I didn't so I installedit via rvm, to avoid conflicts with the System version of Ruby :

  1. install rvm
$ curl -L | bash -s stable
  1. ... and do what they ask to do (source ~/.rvm/scripts/...)

  2. install the latest version of ruby and make it the default version

rvm get head
rvm install 1.9.3
rvm use 1.9.3
rvm --default 1.9.3

Installing Slanger

As simple as :

gem install slanger

Launchin all the bazar

When all this is done, you can :

  • launch redis with default params:
  • launch slanger passing the key and appId in params (+ more options if needed)
slanger --app_key mykeymouse --secret theSecret
  • go to the folder for the Play app
play run


I found those links useful when setting up my laptop: