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JiwaiLaconicaProxy is a web server that give you a Laconica API for accessing the Jiwai.de data.

The proxy makes you benefit from the great deal of Laconica Apps.

What does it look like

I'm running a JiwaiLaconicaProxy at jiwai.geowhy.org.

Here are the instructions how to add a jiwai.de account to twhirl using the proxy hosted at jiwai.geowhy.org, taken from twhirl blog:

  • open the accounts dialog (click on the top left hand twhirl icon in a twhirl window)
  • select laconi.ca from the drop-down list at the bottom left hand corner
  • enter your username and the JiwaiLaconicaProxy domain as your screen name. Example: to add the account twhirl on the http://jiwai.geowhy.org, you would need to enter twhirl@jiwai.geowhy.org. Don't include the http:// part, just use the domain name
  • Press Return or click the "+" button to add the account
  • select the new account in the list and click on Connect to open a window for this account


This code is copyright (c) 2009 by tsing and is available under the MIT. See LICENSE.txt from details.


Run your own instance

Copy JiwaiLaconica.tac.sample to JiwaiLaconica.tac. Then lauch it with twistd.

twistd -y JiwaiLaconica.tac