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Project Template for Visual Studio for creating an Alexa Skill in .NET
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Alexa Skill .Net

Project Template for Visual Studio 2017 for creating an Alexa Skill in .NET


Please download the latest version of the template and place the zip file into your ProjectTemplates folder.

Normally this folder should be located here: %userprofile%\documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates

Latest Version

Latest Version can be downloaded here


since version 1

  • AWS Lambda Project (.NET Core)
  • Nuget package Alexa.Net
  • Extensions Methods for Enumerable
  • MessagesService to get randomly picked message
  • Preparations to handle required intents like AMAZON.StopIntent, AMAZON.CancelIntent, AMAZON.HelpIntent and LaunchRequest

since version 2

  • Nuget package Newtonsoft.JSON
  • HttpService to make web requests
  • Extensions Methods for object, string and Enumerable

since version 3

  • ResponseService to create different types of Skill responses
  • EmbeddedResourceService to read an embedded json file

since version 4

since version 5

  • Update of Nuget packages to the latest versions
  • Split AMAZON.StopIntent and AMAZON.CancelIntent messages
  • Introduce the option to reply with cards or directives
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