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Original Civilization Board Game Utility

CivBuddy is designed to support players of Francis Tresham's original Civilization board game (1980) by helping with the tactical planning when buying civilization cards. It can support multiple variants of the game, including Advanced Civilization (1991).

This is not a computer game, but a helper application for the board game. In later stages of the game, the rules of the board game lead to phases of long-winded calculations in the upper three-digit numbers. With CivBuddy, this can be solved quickly and easily, so everyone can concentrate on the fun parts of the game.

CivBuddy is a free web application, so you can just use it right now! 🎉


Ready to use! CivBuddy is feature complete and stable. Should you notice anything wrong or missing, please leave us a bug report in our issue tracker.

This is a rewrite of the old CivBuddy application (now called v1), which was based on GWT technology. The old version is no longer being maintained.

Licenses from 3rd Parties

This project makes use of work by others as specified in package.json and in the following:


For instruction on how to build the source, or create a version for production, see here.

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