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Changes can now be committed in 3 modes:

  • Single Commit
  • PeopleCode Separate
  • Top Level Separate

Single Commit is the default behavior, all changes are committed in a single commit.

PeopleCode Separate will commit all PeopleCode changes in a separate commit, and everything else in another commit.

Top Level Separate will commit each top level folder in the repository as its own commit.

All deleted objects are still committed in a single "Deleted Objects" commit.

To set a commit style there is a new property CommitStyle that goes on the Repository object like so:

  "Name": "JOB_NAME",
  "EnvironmentName": "ENVIRONMENT_NAME",
  "ProfileName": "PROFILE_NAME",
  "OutputFolder": "PATH_TO_WORKDIR",
  "Repository": {
    "CommitStyle": "TopLevelSeparate",
    "CommitByOprid": false,
    "Url": "REMOTE_GIT_URL",
    "User": "REMOTE_USER",
    "EncryptedPassword": "REMOTE_ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD"

Valid values for CommitStyle are: SingleCommit, PeopleCodeSeparate, and TopLevelSeparate

Stylesheet Processor now only version controls free form stylesheets.

Previously it would produce 0 byte files for PeopleSoft stylesheets.

To version control PeopleSoft stylesheets, an enhancement to RawDataProcessor has been made which allows specifying ExtraCriteria to RawData entries. ExtraCriteria will be concatenated to the SQL Select statement like this:

SELECT * FROM <Table> (<like statement(s)>) AND <ExtraCriteria>

To version control PeopleSoft Stylesheets, add the following RawData entry into your config.json:

  "FilterField": "STYLESHEETNAME",
  "NamePattern": "{STYLESHEETNAME}.css",
  "Folder": "Stylesheets\\PeopleSoft\\",
  "IncludeRelated": true,
  "RelatedBlacklist": [],
  "ExtraCriteria": "STYLESHEETTYPE <> 2"
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Allow empty commits. This occurs in some edge cases that have to do with older Pivet repositories (before .gitattributes) and line endings.

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This release bumps the .NET framework to .NET 6.0 from .NET Core 2.2 which is end-of-life.

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This release just bumps the libgit2 version to the latest which solves some dependency resolution issues on linux hosts.

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  • Initial support for CREF versioning.
  • Include CREF Attributes as related information.
  • VersionController now places a .gitattributes file to enforce consistent line endings
  • Revert to .NET Core 2.2 for Oracle Linux 6 support
  • Support for an external vars file for config, allows to keep separate file with passwords. place values in a json object in vars.json and reference them as %KEY% in config.json
  • Bugfix in RawDataProcessor
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Globalization Invariant has been set
publish.ps1 now produces self contained builds
SQL formatting is now accomplished by the BasicSQLFormatter library
Bugfix where -e could be specified by not enter password encryption mode
Additional prompt to confirm password before encrypting it
Invalid character names are now filtered out for SQL object filenames
Application Engine XSLTs have a new top lever folder instead of being in the SQL Object folder
Bugfix when the remote repository doesn't exist but is configured in config.json
Upgraded to .NET Core 3.0

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First public release of Pivet

Requires .NET 2.2.7
Works only on PeopleSoft instances that use Oracle Database

run Pivet with the -e flag to use the password encryptor.

Passwords in the config file are required to be encrypted.