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GWU Project due 2018-04-17 (Tim Lindner, Marie Minier, JT Von Seggern, Malvika Mathur, Saba Lemma)
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Effects of Cannabis Legalization

GWU Data Analytics Project (due 2018-04-17)

Group Members

  • Tim Lindner
  • JT Von Seggern
  • Malvika Mathur
  • Saba Lemma
  • Marie Minier

Tools Used

  1. Python
  2. Pandas
  3. Matplotlib
  4. Seaborn
  5. Numpy

Steps of the Project

  1. Collect data for states regarding legislation
  2. Collect the aforementioned states and cities data for population and crime
  3. Mine through, merge, and clean data
  4. Create visualizations of the data outputs
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