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define('TINYIB_BOARD', "b"); // Unique identifier for this board using only letters and numbers
define('TINYIB_BOARDDESC', "TinyIB"); // Displayed in the logo area
define('TINYIB_MAXTHREADS', 100); // Set this to limit the number of threads allowed before discarding older threads. 0 to disable
define('TINYIB_TRUNCATE', 15); // Truncate messages to this many lines on board index pages. 0 to disable
define('TINYIB_MAXKB', 2048); // Maximum file size. 0 to disable
define('TINYIB_MAXKBDESC', "2 MB"); // Formatted maximum file size
define('TINYIB_MAXW', 250); // Maximum image width. Images exceeding this size will be thumbnailed
define('TINYIB_MAXH', 250); // Maximum image height. Images exceeding this size will be thumbnailed
define('TINYIB_DELAY', 30); // Delay between posts to help control flooding. 0 to disable
define('TINYIB_LOGO', ""); // Logo HTML
define('TINYIB_TRIPSEED', ""); // Text to use when generating secure tripcodes
define('TINYIB_ADMINPASS', ""); // Text entered at the manage prompt to gain administrator access
define('TINYIB_MODPASS', ""); // Same as above, but only has access to delete posts. Blank ("") to disable
define('TINYIB_DBMODE', "flatfile"); // flatfile / mysql / sqlite
// mysql settings - only edit if using mysql
define('TINYIB_DBHOST', "localhost");
define('TINYIB_DBUSERNAME', "");
define('TINYIB_DBPASSWORD', "");
define('TINYIB_DBNAME', "");
define('TINYIB_DBPOSTS', TINYIB_BOARD . "_posts");
define('TINYIB_DBBANS', "bans");
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