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This document explains in as much details as possible the list of planned changes and work to be done on the Cowboy server. It is non-exhaustive and subject to change. Items are not ordered.

  • Add and improve examples

  • Improve user guide

    We need feedback to improve the guide.

  • Add and improve tests

    Amongst the areas less tested there is protocol upgrades and the REST handler.

    While eunit and ct tests are fine, some parts of the code could benefit from PropEr tests.

  • Continuous performance testing

    Initially dubbed the Horse project, Cowboy could benefit from a continuous performance testing tool that would allow us to easily compare the impact of the changes we are introducing, similar to what the Phoronix test suite allows.

    Depending on the test it may be interesting to compare Cowboy to other servers and eventually take ideas from the servers that outperform Cowboy for the task being tested.

  • Full HTTP/1.1 support

  • Improved HTTP/1.0 support

    Most of the work on Cowboy has been done with HTTP/1.1 in mind. But there is still a need for HTTP/1.0 code in Cowboy. The server code should be reviewed and tested to ensure compatibility with remaining HTTP/1.0 products.

  • SPDY support

The following items pertain to Ranch.

  • Resizing the acceptor pool

    We should be able to add more acceptors to a pool but also to remove some of them as needed.

  • Add Transport:secure/0

    Currently Cowboy checks if a connection is secure by checking if its name is 'ssl'. This isn't a very modular solution, adding an API function that returns whether a connection is secure would fix that issue.

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