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Fixes invalid type specification for cowboy_http_req:multipart_data/1

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1 parent 14b45fd commit d495582029c8b3e911f20be9f2a229eb1b8a2902 @yrashk yrashk committed
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  1. +2 −2 src/cowboy_http_req.erl
4 src/cowboy_http_req.erl
@@ -563,14 +563,14 @@ body_qs(Req=#http_req{urldecode={URLDecFun, URLDecArg}}) ->
%% Use this function for multipart streaming. For each part in the request,
%% this function returns <em>{headers, Headers}</em> followed by a sequence of
-%% <em>{data, Data}</em> tuples and finally <em>end_of_part</em>. When there
+%% <em>{body, Data}</em> tuples and finally <em>end_of_part</em>. When there
%% is no part to parse anymore, <em>eof</em> is returned.
%% If the request Content-Type is not a multipart one, <em>{error, badarg}</em>
%% is returned.
-spec multipart_data(#http_req{})
-> {{headers, cowboy_http:headers()}
- | {data, binary()} | end_of_part | eof,
+ | {body, binary()} | end_of_part | eof,
multipart_data(Req=#http_req{body_state=waiting}) ->
{{<<"multipart">>, _SubType, Params}, Req2} =

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